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 CHICAGO, Jan. 17 /PRNewswire/ -- Recovery Engineering, Inc. (NASDAQ: REIN) introduced today at the Housewares Show in Chicago a new line of water filtration products featuring ASM, Automatic Safety Monitor technology that locks-out contaminants when a filter has reached the end of its useful life. Marketed under the brand name "PUR Genius," the filters use ion-exchange resin and activated carbon to remove more than 90 percent of lead and other water-borne contaminants while improving water taste, color and odor.
 The announcement marks the company's first entry into the U.S. market for residential drinking water and water treatment, which totaled about $1 billion in 1993.
 The new ASM products measure the total flow of water through the filter, and automatically shut off when the filter cartridge needs replacement. This assures that consumers will not be exposed to harmful contaminants due to using a water filter after its useful life has expired. It also relieves consumers of the nuisance of measuring their water use and guessing at the appropriate time to replace their filter.
 "Consumers in the U.S. are clearly concerned about toxic lead and the quality of the water they drink, but no company has previously been able to address consumers' concerns about when to replace the filter cartridge," said Brian F. Sullivan, president and CEO of Recovery Engineering. "Our consumer testing indicates that the ASM feature gives us a significant competitive advantage, which we believe will translate into great success for these products at the retail level."
 Three models will be marketed initially: A faucet-mounted version using replaceable cartridges with a 200-gallon useful life (about three months usage in the average home); a counter-top version using 1,000- gallon cartridges; and an under-sink model using 1,500-gallon cartridges. The company expects retailers to offer the faucet-mounted "PUR Genius 1000" at a price under $50.
 Recovery Engineering announced last week that it had named a vice president of international sales to lead the company's entry into overseas markets for residential water treatment products. Some of these products will offer antimicrobial water purification, to address concerns about drinking water reliability in some developing countries. Other international products will be focused on lead filtration and drinking water taste, odor and color -- much like the products for the U.S. residential market.
 The company plans to begin shipping products for the international market in the second quarter of 1994. The PUR Genius line of products for the U.S. market will begin shipping during the third quarter of this year.
 "Our strategic objective is to become a leading company with broad recognition for the PUR brand name in large and growing water treatment markets," Sullivan said. "The PUR Genius products are a piece of that strategy, as are the international products we will begin shipping this spring."
 Recovery Engineering, based in Minneapolis, designs, develops, manufactures and markets proprietary small-scale water purification and desalination systems sold under the PUR brand name. Current products include 12-volt and hand-held desalinators for marine and military use, and compact water filters and purifiers for outdoor enthusiasts. The company recently has leveraged its technology into new lines of water filtration and purification products, which it will soon begin delivering for the U.S. and international residential markets.
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