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SOAP UPDATE EMMERDALE ROBERT might think he's the meanest young man in town, but could that be because he's not seen Lachlan in full flow yet? He's already overheard him talking about killing his grandad - although Lachlan insists he'd never actually do it.

But Lachlan is clearly plotting something. And watching him fire a shot gun at a pumpkin with Robert's face carved into it is a suitably sinister start for what comes next

CORONATION STREET STV, 7.30pm and 8.30pm WELCOME home, Gary - hope you've had a lovely holiday. By the way, the long-lost daughter of your worst enemy is pregnant with your child and pretty much everyone knows except your besotted girlfriend.

Yep, Anna wastes no time in breaking the happy news to her son, and their heated exchange is witnessed by David who knows something's up. Desperate to keep the truth from him (well, from his sister) Gary has to come up with a story and fast.

FACTUAL TRUST ME, I'M A DOCTOR BBC2, 9pm DR MICHAEL Mosley and co are back with a special programme dedicated to mental health. One in six of us will be affected by conditions such as depression or anxiety, but they can still carry a stigma which stops people getting help.

And while 70 million prescriptions are written for antidepressants every year, people have many unanswered questions and fears about taking medication.

EXPERT Dr Michael Mosley The Trust Me team wants to cut through the contradictions and confusion to give us the best advice, and test out which things could most help improve our wellbeing. The number-one question they were asked was how to deal with stress.

So the team set up an eight-week trial where participants try different stress-busting techniques - yoga, gardening and mindfulness - to see what works best. Other parts of the show focus on the effects and importance of things like exercise, sleep and diet on our mental health and happiness.

DOCUMENTARY THE GREAT WAR IN NUMBERS Yesterday, 9pm AS THE fascinating series continues, it's 1916 and the Germans are doing everything they can to crush their enemies following the devastation of the Somme and Verdun.

The new commander-in-chief Paul von Hindenburg has ordered the munitions factories to double their output to 11 million shells a month, treble production of machine guns, artillery and aircraft, and build the Hindenburg Line of fortifications.

With three million more workers needed to meet the demand, a million prisoners of war were put to work.

REALITY THE APPRENTICE BBC1, 9pm AFTER last week's footballing fiasco, now it's time for the challenge that everyone loves: The "list of weird stuff to buy as cheaply as possible and against the clock" task.

The nine items are all about Lord Shuggs himself. It's his 70th birthday and so he's chosen items that are connected to his life in some way.

Like an Amstrad computer, a car aerial, Jewish baked goods, a Spurs scarf and a car aerial. Basically they're shopping for his birthday. And things are as painful, petty and full of bickering as usual.

Especially with Joanna as project manager, who hates at least 80 per cent of her team, with the feeling most definitely mutual.

While one team chooses to ignore the time deadline to get all the items, the other makes it back on time but with some items missing. But which will upset the birthday boy? Tiramissed you GINO'S ITALIAN COASTAL ESCAPE STV, 8pm HEADS up, viewers - Gino D'Acampo is Italian. I know, he barely mentions it, and you'd never guess from the accent, but apparently it's true.

And now the TV chef is going back to the land of pasta and tiramisu to explore the Mediterranean coast and serve up some mouthwatering cucina italiana.

He'll be venturing all over the country, travelling along dramatic coastal roads, visiting the wild islands and sailing out to sea. His journey takes him from the Tuscan coast in the north, through the middle stretch visiting Sorrento and Capri, right down to the southern tip

of the boot and the Aeolian Islands.

And for this first episode he's visiting the famous Amalfi Coast: a 37km stretch which is one of the most famous and popular areas of Italy. And he's starting in the picturesque town of Positano, which gained its reputation as a glamorous hotspot when people of like Picasso, Sophia Loren and Jackie Kennedy began to visit.

day Gino soaks up the view with a traditional local limoncello and prosecco cocktail, before chartering a boat to take to the azure waters and enjoy a simple but delicious Caprese salad.

Oh, it's a hard life. In the nearby town of Minori, he gets a masterclass from local woman Claudia who teaches him how to make ndunderi - a special fresh the pasta made with ricotta. And in return, he teaches her the very English phrase "willy nilly". Then it's on to the fishing village Cetara, a foodie heaven where they make Colatura di Alici - a special anchovy oil which has been the country's favourite condiment since Roman times and which still graces every Italian's kitchen.

It may well be a lot of people's idea of food hell, but in Gino's tuna tartare bruschetta recipe it looks heavenly.


PLOTTING Troubled Lachlan

baby Nicola and Gary

EXPERT Dr Michael Mosley

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