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SOAP UPDATE EMMERDALE STV, 7pm AFTER Pierce's trick, Paddy is devastated to discover that he's been framed. Paddy warns Rhona he'll fight Pierce's occupation order and later asks Priya if Rakesh will represent him. But there's more upset to come when he realises everyone believes he took the T-shirt.

Meanwhile, Charity is alarmed when she gets news from Debbie. Zak arrives soon afterwards and she tells him Debbie is planning to settle in France. Who'll tell Cain? EASTENDERS BBC1, 7.30pm IAN is struggling to care for Jane and begins to avoid her. She wants them to be a normal couple, but isn't sure what to do. Later he confides in Billy, who gives him food for thought. But will he act on it? Meanwhile, Honey tries to stop Pam from visiting Simon's mum, Diane, but she goes anyway and interrogates her about what Simon did. And elsewhere, Carmel opens up to Donna about relationships.

RIVER CITY BBC1, 8pm JENNY is shocked when Dr Nick turns up at her new flat in Leeds, claiming he needs somewhere to stay for the night.

As the pair spend time talking, Jenny falls for Nick's charms and, against her better judgment, ends up sleeping with him.

Elsewhere, Molly is petrified when she startles a burglar in the night. Scarlett arranges a surprise visit from Bob and Molly puts pressure on her son to move back permanently.

DOCUMENTARY THE FORGOTTEN CHILDREN STV, 9pm HARROWING and extremely tough to watch, this documentary follows the tragic stories of refugee orphans stranded across Europe.

Around 88,000 children are now stuck far from home, without parents to care for them. Instead of feeling safe, many have faced violence and police brutality. Hundreds have been imprisoned in detention centres and police cells. Many are also vulnerable to trafficking and sexual exploitation.

"We don't have anything. I feel like people don't see me," says 13-year-old Syrian orphan Mohamed. He and sister Nagham, 12, are sleeping in a tent in a derelict petrol station in Greece with no showers or toilets.

Their mother was killed in an airstrike, their home was destroyed, and their father kidnapped at gunpoint.

Now, having arrived in Greece after nearly drowning on a boat from Turkey, they still fear for their lives.

Elsewhere, we hear from other children, such as Omar, 11, who reveals how his parents froze to death in Bulgaria, and Firas, 15, who has been imprisoned in a Greek detention centre with adults, even though he has committed no crime.

It's a distressing film that will break your heart.

DOCUMENTARY SCOTLAND AND THE KLAN BBC2, 9pm THE racism of America's Deep South seems a world away from our modern tolerant society.

But this new documentary exposes its roots uncomfortably close to home.

The hooded membership of the Ku Klux Klan - synonymous with the film Mississippi Burning - was started by soldiers of Scottish and Irish descent.

They were among hundreds of thousands of Scots who had settled in the South.

It began as an apparently innocent society in which members, just back from the American Civil War, could play music and meet girls. Historian Bob Wamble tells presenter Neil Oliver: "They were all confederate soldiers who had just come home and just didn't have anything better to do than to form an organisation, just for amusement.

But the Confederates' defeat in the Civil War had hardened attitudes towards the South's black slaves and the white supremacist Klan would be at the centre of attitudes that still persist today.

Oliver is shocked by what he hears when he visits the Neo-Confederate League of the South, who want the southern states to be run as a separate society run by "Anglo Celts".

Wild Westworld WESTWORLD Sky Atlantic, 9pm EPIC and unbelievably creepy, this big budget odyssey from HBO could become a Game Of Thrones-style addiction.

With a cast including Anthony Hopkins, Ed Harris, James Marsden, Thandie Newton and Evan Rachel Wood, it's the latest series to demonstrate that TV is taking over from film.

Instead of heading down to the cinema to see these big names, we're moving into an era of enjoying it all from our sofas - well, at least supermarket popcorn is cheaper.

As tonight's extended episode begins, a woman called Dolores (Wood) is being spoken to by a mysterious voice. She is in a dream-like state as a fly crawls across her unblinking eye.

It's chilling and already we're starting to regret watching this alone. "Have you ever questioned the nature of your reality?" says the deep voice. It's probably of Morgan Freeman. Or God. Who knows? Turns out Dolores is a 'host' - a machine developed to be humanlike and indulge every whim of rich people paying to enter Westworld.

Westworld is like a big playground where visitors can indulge their desires - even if this means shooting and killing someone. For the admission price, visitors can go back to the American Frontier and live out their fantasies. "You Pick the can't hurt the newcomers, but they can do whatever they want to you," the voice tells Dolores.

day But as with all good sci-fi stories, the machines are going to develop a glitch. Hey, they ALWAYS develop a glitch! They're also starting to retain memories.

And as one of the Westworld scientists points out: "They all rebel eventually."

Pick of the day sci-fi are going to playground


SHOCK Charity and Zak

TRAGEDY Orphans Mohamed and Nagham


EPIC Wood and Marsden
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