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SOAP UPDATE EMMERDALE STV, 7pm BELLE fobs off Lachlan, texting him to say she can't go to the gig because she doesn't feel well. That old chestnut. Instead, she goes back to Bailey's house as his wife is away.

Back in the village, Lachlan realises Belle has lied to him when Cain is adamant that she's not ill.

Meanwhile, Pierce turns on the charm and tries to win over April with a "Frozen" cake.

And Marlon is impressed to see Rhona and Pierce together.

CORONATION STREET STV, 7.30pm GUILT can do funny things to the mind, as Sarah finds out when she spots a man who she thinks is Callum.

And Todd is thrown when Sarah asks him if he believes in ghosts. Well stranger things have happened in Weatherfield.

Meanwhile, Chesney apologises to Sinead for leaving her in the lurch, and guilty Sinead lies that she was out drinking with Fiz.

Elsewhere, Roy presents Cathy with an engagement ring.

DOCUMENTARY THE BIG C & ME BBC1, 10.45pm THIS series following people living with cancer is fairly sobering, especially when it rams home the statistics. Two and a half million Brits have the disease, with 1000 more joining this number every single day.

But far from being a depressing film (although there are many tough moments to watch), this really is an insight into the astonishing grit of so many.

And in true British style, there are plenty of laughs too.

Following nine people from diagnosis, through treatment and life at home, it's a shocking opening as patients are filmed being given the news that they may have cancer.

"You get diagnosed, and it's like dying," explains one patient. "Then you get reborn with this dreadful disease."

Tonight's episode focuses on Yvette, a belly dancer who is offered a clinical trial after 20 years of treatment for breast cancer.

We also see mum-of-five Sally who is hoping a lifesaving stemcell transplant will end her 10-year relationship with the disease.

And we follow Dominic, one of the few men to be diagnosed with breast cancer.

"It's a bit scary," he says. "Cancer is the worst word in the dictionary."

drama VERSAILLES BBC2, 9.30pm FORGET the bonnets and stiff upper lips of Downton Abbey, this epic period drama is set in the decadent world of Versailles, France, in 1667.

It has power, scandal, violence... and great wigs.

And don't be lulled into a false sense of BBC prudishness either, it's downright raunchy with two sex scenes before the opening credits even roll.

A cast of beautiful young newcomers play the royals, courtiers and servants in this big-budget (an unprecedented PS24million) historical thriller, with battles of love and war. It centres on 28-year-old Louis XIV, who has been King since he was four, led by his mother. But now she's dead, the nobility want power. And as Louis' mum rather unhelpfully whispers on her deathbed: "Terrible things happen to kings." Great, thanks for the vote of confidence, mum.

He'll have to come up with a cunning plan to keep his enemies close.

So he gets down to some plotting and transforms his father's hunting lodge into a magnificent chateau - hoping the shiny gold and mirrors will distract them.

But he'll need to lose the "rabbit in headlights" look if he's to succeed.

Don't Dilys dally SECRETS OF GROWING OLD STV, 9pm NEVER mind the old adage... for the stars of this cheerful and uplifting documentary, life begins at 80.

And when you see what this lot get up to, you'll feel positively old, boring and maybe a bit lazy.

Take 83-year-old Dilys, for example. She jumps out of planes. For fun. When her joints started aching at the age of 50, she decided to prove it wasn't the beginning of a downhill spiral and turned daredevil gran. Then there's Charles, who at 96 says he is "loving it" and is busy lifting weights and breaking records in athletics.

He'd put some men in their 30s to shame.

And Frances is an 83-year-old fashion model who struts down the catwalk with the best of them.

She's fiercely proud of her grey hair and wrinkles, and it seems London Fashion Week was quite impressed with her too.

So, the million-dollar question is obvious... what is their secret? There aren't any revelatory tips in this documentary.

You aren't going to find out that drinking kale smoothies or (more optimistically) drinking a glass of red wine every day is the answer.

But science is apparently proving that to an extent, we really are as young as we feel.

So if we keep our brains creative, and our bodies moving, we'll keep ourselves young. If you're feeling a bit creaky and you usually make that "oof " noise when you get up from the sofa, just remember, it's all uphill from here.


CRUMBS Pierce and Marlon

GUILTY Sinead tells lies

DIAGNOSED Belly dancer Yvette

CUNNING King Louis hatches plan

HEAVY DATE Charles loves lifting weights and breaking records
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Date:Jun 1, 2016
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