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Pick of the day EMMERDALE STV, 7pm DESPITE her loathing for Ross, Chrissie is desperate to get hold of the images of her and Cain kissing, and he's the man to help.

After confirming he'll do it, it's not long before Robert is jumped at traffic lights and mugged.

Later, Ross presents Chrissie with Robert's laptop and memory stick - but are they the only copies? Elsewhere, Debbie is preparing to confess everything to Pete and Ross tells her he's ready to run away.

CORONATION STREET STV, 7.30pm BAD times for Cathy after she offers to make dessert for Roy's curry night but he's a bit short with her. Scuttling back home rather upset, a pile of boxes suddenly crashes down on her, leaving her trapped and unconscious.

When she fails to show up later, Roy heads to her house - but can he rescue her? Elsewhere, Alya toys with taking a pregnancy test after a bout of nausea.

dRaMa a lorry. They need to intercept the shipment and link it back to Roach (Trevor Eve).

THE INTERCEPTOR BBC1, 9pm AS THE heroes-and-villains drama draws to a dramatic finale, Roach at last seems to be within the Unit's grasp.

But it's never that simple, is it? Roach has a cunning plan to "send a message" to those who try to attack his business. And this latest move has devastating consequences.

But Ash (OT Fagbenle), who gets more scary and aggressive in every episode, has to rally the troops to go for broke and take down the big cheese.

"Now it's personal," rages Ash, a man possessed, as he sets off to lay a trap for Roach in the most dangerous operation yet.

"Are we scared of him? Too big to take down?" he yells. "This is big, it's real and it's happening any time now."

And, as you'd expect with all good thrillers, there is of course a final showdown between Ash and Roach as they come face to face.

After his rousing speech, the team get going as they get wind of a massive shipment of drugs arriving on Dead letter day for PO SIGNED, SEALED, DELIVERED: INSIDE THE POST OFFICE BBC2, 9pm POST offices have been at the heart of our communities for nearly 400 years.

But now that we're all sending emails rather than letters, they are running at a loss.

It's time to change - but not everyone is happy about it.

This emotionally-charged series looks inside the iconic institution as they undergo their biggest shake-up yet.

And while the film follows the likes of chief executive Paula Vennells, who's trying to make the business stand on its own two feet, the real stories are those about people up in arms and postmasters facing big changes.

With 11,500 branches in the UK, 8000 are about to lose their government subsidy. The post-masters must decide to embrace progress or push off.

"Twenty six years, thanks very much, b***er off," says Staffordshire Post Office owner Ian to Caroline Pritchard, one of a team who have to visit each site.

"Things need to change," she explains. "Yeah, that won't happen," says Ian's wife Anne.

And as Caroline travels from place to place (with filmmakers making sure we clock her BMW and Prada handbag), she's met with similar reactions.

"This village is dying because of people like you," says a villager at a public meeting to discuss moving the Post Office to a petrol station. Christine replies: "We can't please everyone."

Meanwhile, businessman Eliott is one of the "winners" - he has bought a Post Office franchise to put into his stationery shop. "It's all very exciting," he says.

But progress clearly comes at a price - one that not everyone is willing to pay.


MUGGED Robert at the traffic lights

TRAPPED Cathy under boxes

CHOCS AWAY Dr Chris and Dr Michael

ROUSING Ash and his crew get ready

ALL CHANGE Eliott is taking on a Post Office challenge
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