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EMMERDALE STV, 7pm AFTER Chas opened up to James yesterday, James wants to share some secrets of his own and he reveals to Chas that Adam is really his son. There's only one problem - this isn't his secret to tell. A lot of people stand to get hurt by it and not just because James has this weird habit of breathing in and out really loudly whenever he's got something important to say. In other news, Donna and Ross are still snogging.

EASTENDERS BBC1, 7.30pm CAROL Jackson is the most infuriating woman in soap - a safe pair of hands to be relied on to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. In an episode devoted to her and David (who's discharged himself from hospital specially), they have a moving, honest heart-to-heart about how they've always loved each other. Only Carol could turn it into a break-up scene.

SITCOM MR SLOANE Sky Atlantic, 9pm IT'S not riotously funny, the jokes are almost quaint and it relies a lot on those old standbys of plumbing and embarrassing bodily functions to drive the plot forward.

But there's a bit of indefinable magic about Mr Sloane that somehow makes this all work rather beautifully to its advantage.

In episode two, Jeremy Sloane gets a second crack at his teaching job, attends a last-minute stag party and finds himself on an actual date with Robin, the mini-skirted, beehived American girl he bumped into last week in the ironmonger's.

Created by American Robert B Weide especially for its star, Nick Frost, Mr Sloane nimbly bridges the cultural and language divide between the free-spirited flower power of 1969 California and buttoned-up Watford. (Americans, apparently, don't even understand that half-four, means half-past).

And, as the bumbling everyman hero, Frost gets another chance to prove that he's one of the most likeable actors around - even covered in vomit.

DOCUMENTARY THE STORY OF WOMEN AND ART BBC2, 9pm "IF you're comfortable in your dress, you've got Madeleine Vionnet to thank for it," says one expert tonight.

Madeleine Vionnet was the French designer who pioneered cutting cloth on the bias, and freed women from corsets and petticoats forever.

But if you've never heard of her, that's been the point of the whole series. While some female artists such as American painter Georgia O'Keeffe or garden designer Gertrude Jekyll found fame in their lifetimes, others have remained largely anonymous.

In the conclusion to her series, Professor Amanda Vickery celebrates six trailblazing women of the last two centuries.

They include Lady Elizabeth Butler, whose haunting war paintings captured the pathos of the battlefield, and French impressionist Berthe Morisot, whose shimmering paintings of French home life are only now starting to get the recognition they deserve.

We're also introduced to artists who left indelible marks in other areas and it's the woman who's the least known of all who has had the greatest lasting impact. Few will have heard of Swedish designer Karin Larsson but her textiles, rustic furniture and fearless use of colour would influence our own homes far more than any painting.

HE may have missed out on a Bafta (pipped to the post by Ant and Dec and A League of Their Own) but Graham Norton is second to none when it comes to wheeling out big-name guests.

Tom Cruise and co-star Emily Blunt both dropped into a specially pre-recorded show earlier this week when they were in London for the premiere of their new film Edge of Tomorrow.

And they went that extra mile on the promotional trail, attending no fewer than three premieres in three countries on the same day - a clear case of red carpet THE GRAHAM NORTON SHOW BBC1, 10.35pm addiction, if you ask us. In tonight's show, Tom tells Graham he'll be back in London to shoot Mission: Impossible 5, doesn't rule out a sequel to Top Gun and explains why his latest role has a lot in common with Wile E Coyote.

OF In Edge of Tomorrow, Tom plays a soldier fighting a war with aliens who gets caught in a time loop and has to relive his death over and over again (basically a sci-fi action movie DAY Groundhog Day, with space aliens). Graham's other guests, Charlize Theron and Seth MacFarlane, are plugging a comedy western called A Million Ways to Die in the West.

But Graham can't let The Family Guy star get away without doing some of the voices from that show and Seth throws in a unique impression of his movie co-star Liam Neeson.

PICK THE Also on the show, Coldplay perform their catchy new single A Sky Full of Stars and are absolutely not talking about Gwyneth, gluten or conscious uncouplings.

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BREAK-UP Carol's on a loser

SECRETS Chas and James
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