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Rebis, Walnut Creek, Calif., a leader in plant design and management software, has released AutoPIPE(R) V6.0, a major enhancement on what was already the industry's only graphical, object-based pipe stress analysis package.

The new 6.0 release allows users to graphically insert, modify and delete pipe properties, components, loads and other data across graphically selected ranges of points with one command. The new Version 6.0 also features graphical selection of output, output result filters, additional graphical select options and multi-level undo/redo.

"With the enhancements found in Version 6.0, AutoPIPE's unique object oriented technology has moved far beyond traditional spreadsheet methods of model creation, editing and output review," says Darrell Foster, CAE sales and marketing manager. "The user can double-click on a component in the graphics model to change or delete it without having to type node numbers. One click on the graphics model enables the user to review stresses, deflections or loads at any point. Areas or points can be selected with the mouse from the graphics model to isolate only relevant results to be included in reports. Repetitive sections can be graphically cut, copied and pasted across selected ranges of points with one command. AutoPIPE's unique object based graphics technology represents a faster, easier way to create, modify, and review results from piping stress models."

New result filters in AutoPIPE V6.0 isolate results by user specified stress, deflection or load criteria. Users can specify criteria to limit the results to only the points that meet those criteria. For example, the displacements can be filtered to report only the points that meet those criteria. For example, the displacements can be filtered to report only the points that displace more than two inches, or to report only anchors and supports which have force and moment loadings that exceed a user specified limit. Result filters reduce the man-hours required to review output and provide an automated tool to ensure that excessive loads, deflections and stresses do not slip by undetected.

Another new feature in Version 6.0 gives users the ability to undo or redo up to 50 of their last operations. AutoPIPE is the only piping analysis program to offer such undo/redo capabilities.

Rebis, the largest supplier of PC plant design solutions in the world, measured by its installed base of over 50,000 products is committed to providing quality workgroup software for plant design and management. Rebis markets products for both conceptual and detailed plant design, as well as systems to manage the full operational lifecycle of these facilities. Rebis offers a complete suite of integrated applications available for piping, structural, electrical and instrumentation design and analysis, and plant information management for AutoCAD(R) and MicroStation(R). For more information, call 925/933-2525 or visit Rebis' web site at
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