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LIKE football fans throughout this sceptred isle, here at FSF Towers we're all looking forward to the new season.

Some more than others, it has to be said. Our resident Geordie, not so much. Toon's 6-1 friendly thrashing at the hands of, er, Orient hasn't done much for his nerves!

Being eternal optimists, us fans all start the new season hoping for silverware. Most of us aren't going to see any, but we'll have some fun along the way - at least we hope so.

The fact that we're in the teeth of the worst recession in living memory seems to have gone unnoticed by some of the greedy numbskulls running our clubs. Shame on all those who've increased their already stratospheric ticket prices even further. Good on those clubs who've frozen or in some cases cut prices.

Reality doesn't seem to have intruded into the new owners of Man City...pounds 120k a week for Kolo Toure? A decent player and nice fella too by all accounts but, good grief!

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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Aug 8, 2009
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