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MY TURN When my day of calling comes Cry not for me my chums I have had my day and lived quite well Pray that I don't go to hell To the other side now I must go Hopefully meet old friends and maybe some foe Sometimes things just don't work out And yes God has the final shout So have a drink on me this day It maybe your turn next to pass away I hope St Peter's waiting patiently for me And pray that's my final destiny I have been no angel in my life Hopefully I may improve in the after-life GEORGE McLANDERS, Byker SKIN-DEEP Tell me, tell me, what is it you see? Lying there, so Deep inside of me, Can you see colours, shades beneath the pigment of my skin? Look no further, just let me invite you in; There's the 'Red' of rage, torrid and extreme, with the 'White' of anger, violent and mean, 'Green' with envy, acidic jealousy, with the 'brown' of dirt and needless poverty, 'Blue' azure in your mind's eye, as an eagle soars upon Invisible thermals far up high, 'Yellow' with fear, as I shake and moan, at the obsidian 'Blackness' of the devil's throne, 'pink' flamingos in my enhancing scene, over the pallid, 'Greyness' of winters lost dream, 'Golden' sunset as in sadness I cry, at the bleakness of 'purple' in my tearful goodbye; So many colourless echoes in your troubled mind, now you have looked what did you find? A vivid dye, shade, or a pigmental attitude, or a person, real, Beyond disparity, and lack of charity or feud? What you see is a human soul, with a skin unlike yours, with Feelings 'Skin-Deep' inside every pore, For I too hurt, bleed, I find love, and joy; And I weep and cry. Perhaps you'll find I'm very like you and you are as I! GEORGE CARRICK, Cramlington
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)
Date:Dec 27, 2011
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