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STEADY AS SHE GOES When the sun returns at last You need to go quite slow, Learning to escape the past Means going with the flow. They say as you truly heal Your feelings will grow strong, What is truly good and real At first may feel all wrong. Waking from long sleep you may be Dazzled by the light, Winter kept you in a dreamy State, feeling all right.

But that was forgetfulness While now you're on the move, Aware of your helplessness As things slowly improve. Bit by bit explore your wealth, Begin to love what's there, You must learn to pace yourself, And sometimes stand and stare.ANDREW TAIT, Jesmond MY ANGEL FROM HEAVEN Over the hills and through the dales I run with my dreams everyday For in those dreams is the girl I love And she means so much to me For she fills my thankful heart Full of love and happiness She also makes my life worth living And when we make love Beneath the starlit sky I knew she was an angel from heaven We have both grown old together And our hair is now silver grey But under the silver starlit skies An angel of beauty she will always stay.

DONALD JOHN TYE, Wallsend THINKS Sometimes I just sit and Think; And when I think, sometimes I wear out my think. I sink, Beneath the mind-waves, I float, into Paranoiac apathy; Occasionally I actually un-think All of those think things, my thoughts Go out of sync. I allow myself to go under, Eyes closed, not a blink, submerged, Far below. Spiritual, astral, subconscious, It''s a wonderful experienceinexplicable.

You can''t know; But then I don''t want you to!

GEORGE CARRICK, Cramlington.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)
Date:Oct 26, 2011
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