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Carole Brook, who submitted last week's front page picture of Linthwaite County Junior School, points out that we made an assumption that was unlikely to please one pupil at the school in 1949/50 - Brenda Goodliff. Our slip was to describe her as the form teacher, when she was in fact just a pupil - standing where teachers often stand, middle of the middle row. Our apologies to Brenda and to Carole, Shirley Coulman and Peter Garside, who provided correct information.

The question of the picture of the Duke of Wellington's regiment close-ranked, featured both last week and the week before in All Our Yesterdays, is now resolved (we hope).

The picture was not taken in Huddersfield Beast Market, as picture owner Rod Liversidge initially assumed. It was in Bull Green, Halifax, with Silver Street behind, says Jeffrey Charlesworth. The building in the centre of the picture is the Bull's Head, a Websters house then, and now a bistro. The structure around which the band is gathered was the old Bull Green tram shelter, later a bus shelter.

We even have a date for the shot: Cyril Ford says it was June 18, 1945, Waterloo Day, when the regiment was granted the Freedom of the Borough of Halifax. The soldiers' caps, he says, indicate that the majority of the men there were Territorials. Alonzo Sutcliffe, hairdresser, is registered as having a shop in Beast Market in the 1937 street directory ... of Huddersfield. And there is shop is, clear as a bell, on the Halifax picture.

It seems clear from the sign above the shop that Alonzo also had a shop in Bull Green, Halifax, and it may be this that has thrown many a reader off the scent.


* MISTAKEN IDENTITY: Linthwaite County Junior School, 1949/50, from Carole Brook. Her sister Shirley Coulman (nee Garside and brother Peter Garside are on the picture. (tmc230910linth).
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Huddersfield Daily Examiner (Huddersfield, England)
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Date:Oct 6, 2010
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