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CHARITY shops are being targeted by heartless thieves who are aware that such premises cannot afford expensive security equipment or staff to protect their merchandise, kindly donated by the public.

Such despicable thefts are a sad indictment on modern society and many charity shops, including Cancer Research, now display "Theft Costs Life" posters in the hope that it pricks the conscience of the criminals. - John F. O'Hare, Glasgow.

Drug facts YOU reported a "sheriff's fury" at a patient being prescribed methadone for 14 years and describe methadone as a "short-term aid".

It is quite appropriate to prescribe methadone for many years to heroin addicts. When methadone is stopped prematurely the patient nearly always goes back to daily heroin use. It is estimated that 380,000 property crimes were prevented in Glasgow in 1998 by the prescription of methadone.

You also state that more people die from methadone overdose than from heroin. Nothing could be further from the truth. - Dr Richard Watson, Glasgow Drug Problem Service, Glasgow.

Age concern CHANCELLOR Gordon Brown should get the grey matter working. We are pensioners at 60 and 65. Is he hoping we don't live until we reach 75 so as to deny us the privilege of a free TV licence? - Allison Grieve, Kirkcaldy.

That's rich IF David McLetchie, MSP Tory leader, thinks Tommy Sheridan is the champion of the cheats, then he is the champ of the very rich. McLetchie and his Tories must never rule in Scotland again. Remember, it was the Tories who almost destroyed Scotland during the Thatcher years. We must never forget that. - Tom Adams, Dingwall.

I TOTALLY disagree with your reader Mr Cowan, who still believes the myth that the Labour Party is the party of the less well-off in Scotland. That they tried to blacken Tommy Sheridan's warrant sale bill was nothing short of scandalous. - Billy Bruce (ex-Labour Party, Paisley.

Too personal SHAME on Bill Barrie for mounting a personal attack on Ann Widdecombe. I find his comments quite pathetic - none of us are perfect. I much prefer the candour of Ms Widdecombe to the rhetoric as programmed by the control freaks - Blair, Campbell and Brown. - Kenneth Doig, Glasgow.

Cruel theft I HOPE the person who stole my daughter's handbag at the Steps Concert at Glasgow's SECC on May 7 feels good today. She was left stranded without car keys or money to get home to Ayrshire. My daughter is a nurse and went to Nepal last year to help Aids and leprosy victims in a hospital. In her bag was a very expensive camera which staff at her work paid for to enable her to take photos when she was in Nepal. - Murielle Sutton, Irvine.

No respect AFTER watching a TV programme about the Kvaerner workers struggle to keep their jobs, I was angry and emotional.

All these decent people want to do is earn a living. How dare management corporations treat people in this way? They are simply playing with people's lives. - R. Milligan, Glasgow.

David's driven by great courage NEVER have I seen a more brave and dignified show of courage than given over the past week by David Coulthard.

His performance in the Spanish Grand Prix was outstanding - a true braveheart in every sense of the word. Good luck to David and girlfriend Heidi. - Yvonne Maginess, Wigtown.

Trade off I READ with interest the letter from Roy Alder about the restrictive European market. The European Union is where 60 per cent of all UK exports go.

Can someone explain how restrictive that is to me as I'm not quite sure where else we are supposed to trade? - Karen Freel, Paisley.

Butt out IF ever This Morning presenter Richard Madely gets round to writing his memoirs, it's got to be entitled How To Irritate People.

His annoying habit of interrupting a guest just as they are in full flow leaves me exasperated. - David Baxter, Glasgow.

Kitted out DAVID and Victoria Beckham are not the only ones to kit their baby out in a football strip.

My daughter took a Rangers strip to fit a six- month to one-year-old baby to her pal in America, who was expecting the baby last November. As the scan had shown she was having a boy, the strip had his name on it. - Peter Dornan, Glasgow.


WE are part of the UK Aviation Squadron in Bosnia and would welcome some friendly female correspondence from back home. Please reply to: Nine Blokes, UK Aviation Squadron, Banja Luka Det., BFPO 553.

I AM trying to contact Eddie Patrick, last known to be living in Airdrie 22 years ago. I believe he worked for the council. - T. Brand, 39 Strathavon Terrace, Westfield, By Bathgate EH48 3DD. Tel: 01506-654 638.

MY parents, Jim and Peggy Flynn, would like to get in touch with John and Grace McGuinness, formerly of Drumoyne, Glasgow, and who are now living in Troon. They met in Benalmadena. - Mrs L. Bickerton, 28 Vanguard Way, Renfrew, PA4 0LN. Tel: 0141-561-1623

CAN anyone help me obtain a copy of a piece of music which was playing during a scene from the Brits Abroad documentary on April 23, when a sculptor was being interviewed? I've also heard it played in a movie starring Mel Gibson and Sigourney Weaver, when he was portraying a journalist in Vietnam. - Gerald Gibson. Tel: 0141-402-1750.

IF you are a descendant of the late 18th and/or early 19 century Taylors of Scone, please contact us. You will also be registered as a member of the Taylors of Scone Club. - Ormond Taylor, 29 Whitney Drive, Stevenage, Herts, SG1 4BQ. E-mail: or Robert Taylor, Box 765, Wapadrand, Pretoria 0050, South Africa.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:May 10, 2000
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