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RE: Entrust Technologies Announces One-Source Way to Issue Digital Certificates for the Web, VPNs, and for SET Financial Transactions.

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--June 23, 1998--Entrust New Entrust/PKI Release 4.0 Connectors Designed to Deliver Cost Savings and Ease of Administration in Issuing Digital Certificates.

Entrust(R) Technologies Inc. today announced new security products that are designed to give customers a one-source way to issue digital certificates for transactions on the World Wide Web and Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), as well as SET financial transactions -- areas where secure electronic commerce and communications are increasingly needed.

The new Connector products serve as a complement to the open certificate architecture of the newly announced Entrust/PKI(TM) Release 4.0 - the fourth generation of Entrust's public-key infrastructure (PKI) solution. These Connector products give Entrust customers the ability to leverage their investment in PKI software, which issues and provides life cycle management of digital certificates. A digital certificate provides a secure form of electronic credentials that authenticates the identity of an individual and is used to apply a digital signature on electronic transactions.

Entrust's Connector solutions are designed to help lower a company's total cost of ownership by administering multiple certificate types from a single PKI. They provide additional flexibility to organizations that want to issue, for example, certificates to external partners to enable encrypted and authenticated Web or VPN communications but still require the full security and functionality of enterprise certificates throughout their internal networks.

"These three Connector products are designed to provide enterprise customers with a versatile and scalable architecture to manage certificates for all their needs," said John Ryan, president and chief executive officer, Entrust Technologies Inc. "Our customers need the ability to operate in a secure environment with their colleagues, customers and partners, whether that's over the Web, a private network, or in an enterprise environment."

The new Connectors available for Entrust/PKI Release 4.0 include: - Entrust/Web Connector(TM) - An extensible, scalable, flexible solution that allows administrators to issue their own Web certificates to both Netscape and Microsoft browsers and many Web servers. Entrust/Web Connector certificates enable mutual authentication and encryption for Web communications, signed and encrypted S/MIME email, and object signing for authenticating Java applets.

- Entrust/Commerce Connector(TM) - Issues Secure Electronic Transaction (SET(TM)) certificates to SET cardholders, merchants and payment gateways to support secure credit card transactions over the Internet.

- Entrust/VPN Connector(TM) - Issues certificates to VPN devices such as routers, VPN gateways, firewalls, and access devices that issue standard PKCS #10 certificate requests. Entrust is already integrated with Entrust-Ready VPN products from Check Point, Raptor, Shiva and TimeStep. Now, the Entrust/VPN connector product will issue certificates to VPN devices from vendors such as Cisco as well as other suppliers supporting the PKCS #10 standard.

Entrust/VPN Connector was first displayed at the Automotive Industry's Automotive Network eXchange (ANX) interoperability trials where it was used to issue certificates to IPSec products from multiple vendors.

"As the Certification Authority service provider to Release One of ANX, Digital Signature Trust Company (DST) is excited to be a part of the first major implementation of Entrust/VPN Connector," said Scott Lowry, President and CEO of DST. "To date, the ANX is the largest implementation of a VPN secured with IPSec certificates issued by Entrust/VPN Connector, and it is being closely watched by many other sectors looking to follow the automotive industry's example." Pricing and Availability

Entrust/Web Connector will be commercially available with the release of Entrust/PKI 4.0, which is currently expected to be released in July 1998, and is priced at $5,000 US. Entrust/Commerce Connector and Entrust/VPN Connector are expected to be commercially available later in Q3. About Entrust Technologies

Entrust Technologies is dedicated to ensuring the privacy and authenticity of data communications enterprise-wide. Its award-winning public-key infrastructure technology combines certification authority, encryption and digital signature capabilities with fully automated key management. Used by financial institutions, government agencies and high-tech corporations, the Entrust software family provides a comprehensive security solution across multiple platforms for desktops, corporate networks, intranets and the Internet. Entrust Technologies is headquartered in Richardson, TX with offices in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Chicago, Philadelphia, Boston, St. Louis, Raleigh, Washington, Ottawa, Toronto, London and Frankfurt. Entrust Technologies is a majority-owned subsidiary of Nortel (Northern Telecom). It was recognized by Red Herring Magazine as one of the top 50 private technology companies of 1997. More information about Entrust Technologies can be found at

Entrust is a registered trademark of Entrust Technologies Limited. All Entrust product names are trademarks of Entrust Technologies Limited. All other company and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.

 CONTACT: Entrust Technologies Inc.
 Carrie Bendzsa, 613/247-3455
 Neale-May & Partners
 Catherine Tiangha, 212/317-0900 ext. 12

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RE: Entrust Technologies Announces One-Source Way to Issue Digital Certificates for the Web, VPNs, and for SET Financial Transactions.
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