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RDK offered Bexheti a candidature.

Opposition RDK plans to race with academician Abdulmenaf Bexheti in Tetovo. Rufi Osmani's party said that they offered Bexheti a mayor candidature and that they will hold more detailed talks in the upcoming days. If Bexheti accepts the proposal, then MP Izet Zeqiri will be at the top of the counselor's list, RDK said. Academician Bexheti confirmed to KOHA that he received such a proposal but that it was not official yet. Bexheti does not reveal whether he is to accept the candidature which, as he says, he received from a member of RDK. If Bexheti accepts the offers, then RDK, except for Gostivar will also have a serious candidate in Tetovo.
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Publication:Albanian Press in Macedonia
Date:Dec 18, 2012
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