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RCN launches ESPN Broadband for its high speed modem customers.

RCN Corporation (NASDAQ:RCNC) announced recently the launch of ESPN Broadband for its high-speed cable modem customers. New and existing subscribers can now watch their favorite sports highlights, commentary, analysis, behind-the-scenes footage, and original content on their PC. For the remainder of 2003, RCN is offering ESPN Broadband to all their high-speed data customers at no additional cost.

"ESPN Broadband and RCN's MegaModem service are a perfect combination. MegaModem, with download speeds of up to 3Mbps,--twice as fast as standard cable modem or DSL--was designed for customers that demand more from their cable modem service. Together they will allow sports fans to bring their on-line sports experience to a whole new level," said Rick Rioboli, Vice President of Product Management and Development.

"RCN recently launched HDTV in several of its markets including ESPN's high-definition television network. Now sports fans can experience the richest sports content available on their PC and TV, all from one company," said Rioboli.

RCN Corporation (NASDAQ:RCNC) is the nation's first and largest facilities-based competitive provider of bundled phone, cable and high speed Internet services delivered over its own fiber-optic local network to consumers in the most densely populated markets in the U.S. RCN has more than one million customer connections and provides service in the Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Lehigh Valley, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Washington D.C. metropolitan markets.
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Comment:RCN launches ESPN Broadband for its high speed modem customers.
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Date:Aug 18, 2003
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