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 MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., Jan. 10 /PRNewswire/ -- Ray Dream Inc., the leading developer of 3D graphics software for the color publishing market, today announced the shipment of Ray Dream Designer(R) 3.0. A major upgrade to the award-winning 3D illustration tool, Designer 3.0 features an innovative, new interface with ease-of-use features tailored for graphics professionals, and an open architecture for future product expansion. Ray Dream Designer 3.0 is available immediately at a suggested retail price of $349.
 "As an artist for a daily newspaper, I consistently work under a deadline. The features in this new version of Ray Dream Designer make me more productive. I plan to take advantage of the impact of 3D illustration to an even grater extent," stated beta tester John Corbitt of the Florida Today newspaper. "It's a very significant upgrade!"
 Ray Dream Designer 3.0 is a comprehensive application which combines modeling, scene composition and rendering in a single, integrated interface. More than 50 new features simplify the creation of 3D objects. Ray Dream Designer automatically manages the complex details of creating full-color, 3D illustrations -- perspectives, subtle shadows, lighting effects, textures and reflections. With fully shaded preview, artists can see immediate results of their work.
 "We have been eagerly awaiting the release of Ray Dream Designer 3.0," said Ed Streeter, Divisional Merchandise director for Computer City. "Growth in the graphics category has been strong; we are anticipating great sales results."
 Professional Features Combined with Ease-of-Use
 Creative professionals can directly manipulate objects in Version 3.0. Three-dimensional shapes can be positioned, arranged and shaded using a drag-and-drop technique. The new 3D Paint feature allows artists to brush color or texture directly onto an object's surface. Surface properties move with the object, reflecting changes in lighting. More than 30 "shaders," combining color and texture, are included with the product.
 First-time 3D artists can describe objects using the picture-based Modeling Wizard(TM). This new feature starts with simple shapes and, based on user input, builds 3D objects. Users can also use basic shapes or complex objects from a library containing more than 20 clip objects.
 More complex shapes can be created with the familiar Macintosh drawing tools in the improved Bezier-based Modeler. Users push, prod and twist familiar Bezier handles, points and curves to reshape objects; Ray Dream Designer 3.0 updates the fully shaded modules instantly.
 The new G-buffer stores geometric data (information on lighting and distance) in a separate channel accompanying the rendered image. This 3D information can be used by other applications to add realistic post production effects that recognize geometric objects and their positions, rather than merely the color of the pixels. For example, a Ray Dream Designer image can be exported to a paint application, where artists can add painterly effects that will reflect 3D lighting and geometry.
 New, Open Architecture
 Ray Dream Designer 3.0 also features an open Extensions architecture which allows expansion of the application to address vertical markets. Special effects, file import and export, color management systems, and complete modules such as animation or alternative modelers or renderers can be added. Developers interested in receiving the Extensions Developers' Toolkit can contact Developer Support at Ray Dream's corporate headquarters in California.
 Ray Dream Designer 3.0 works with any color-capable Macintosh (including the Macintosh II family, Centris, Macintosh Quadra family and most new Macintosh systems), requires System 6.0.7 or greater including System 7 and a minimum of 8 MB RAM. Designer 3.0 does not require a math co-processor (FPU).
 Ray Dream's mission is to design, develop and market graphics tools that bring a new perspective to color publishing. Ray Dream has focused on developing drawing tools for the creative professional -- Ray Dream Designer(R), addDepth(R) and JAG(R) -- which simplify the creation of real world, 3D effects for graphics. Today, Ray Dream customers are creating images for a wide range of applications including magazine covers, greeting cards, interactive multimedia presentations, advertisements, signage, presentations, medical illustrations, video graphics, annual reports and architectural renderings.
 NOTE: Ray Dream, addDepth, Ray Dream Designer and JAG are trademarks or registered trademarks of Ray Dream Inc. All other trademarks are properties of their respective holders.
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