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RASILIENT Systems Debuts New RASTOR 3500/7500/8500 Enterprise RAID Arrays at SNW 2007.

New 2U/12 Bay Enterprise Class Arrays Provide High Performance, Scalability, High Availability and Tool-less Design to OEMs and ISVs

DALLAS, Oct. 17 /PRNewswire/ -- RASILIENT Systems, Inc. an innovator in modular RAID storage for the OEM market, today announced their new RASTOR 3500/7500/8500 family of 64-bit multi-core AMD based 2U storage platforms at the 2007 Storage Networking World Exhibition and Conference in Dallas, Texas.

The 3rd generation RASTOR 3500/7500/8500 products extend the lineage of RASILIENT's zero downtime RASTOR architecture while offering high capacity, high performance and flexible storage to the OEM and ISV markets. The products incorporate redundant Active-Active controllers, redundant fans, redundant power supplies, completely passive/removable mid-planes, and tool-less chassis. Setting new benchmarks in performance and quality, the RASTOR 3500/7500/8500 also come with more powerful multi-core controllers, high-density 2U/12D chassis, more capacity via high performance SAS expansion using RASTOR 200e expansion enclosures, and flexible IO options. "Our goal has always been to provide our OEM customer base with best-of-breed high availability products with the lowest cost per TB," said Sean Chang, President and CEO of RASILIENT Systems. "The result of our approach is not only lower cost without sacrificing quality or performance, but greater customization for OEMs since it's easier to tune, port and upgrade, giving our partners a higher-degree of value-add for their customer base."

The RASTOR 3500 is a low cost iSCSI/SAS-to-SATA RAID Array for applications requiring affordable performance and storage flexibility. The system comes with a single controller, SAS and iSCSI SAN functionality, and can accommodate up to 12 SATA disk drives.

The RASTOR 7500 is a high bandwidth, high scalability iSCSI/SAS-to-SAS/SATA Enterprise RAID Array aimed at compute intensive applications where performance, capacity expansion and availability are key. The array features Single or Dual Active-Active Controllers, 64-bit Dual Core Athlon CPUs, Snapshot capability and SAS and iSCSI SAN functionality. The 7500 can expand up to 60 SATA or SAS disk drives by adding up to 4 RASTOR 200e 2U/12 bay SAS-to-SAS/SATA Expansion Enclosures. For performance oriented applications, the 7500 boasts up to 12 Gbps iSCSI Bandwidth (6Gbps per controller).

The RASTOR 8500 is a high availability Appliance Platform for OEMs or ISVs looking to customize the solution for specific applications. The SAS and iSCSI SAN appliance features Dual Active-Active Controllers, 64-bit Dual Core Opteron Controllers, Snapshot, and optional 4GB FC and 10Gbps iSCSI connectivity for robust operation and extreme performance. The 8500 can scale up to 96 SATA or SAS disk drives by adding up to 7 RASTOR 200e Expansion Enclosures. Additionally, the unit offers Solution Builder capability via a 64-bit SMP enabled OS with open APIs, powerful Multi-core Opteron CPUs, up to 16GB of Memory and Dual PCI-e Accessory Slots.

The RASTOR 3500/7500/8500 offerings are positioned to excel with key technology trends (multi-core processors, SAS, GE/iSCSI). The arrays incorporate powerful and familiar technologies for cost efficiencies while adding the necessary flexibility for better fit in customer environments. As a result, the new platforms are much faster, have much more storage expansion capability, are flexible and much easier to manage, and offer the lowest dollar per TB. Common to the RASTOR 3500/7500/8500 are:

Multi-Core Storage Controllers -- The Moor's law is now applicable on multi-core technology, doubling the number of cores every 18 months. Dual core and quad-core processors are already common place and the new 8-core, and 16-core CPUs are already in development. Even with so many cores, the mainstream processors continue to lower the power and the heat consumption through the latest manufacturing technologies. RASTOR storage controllers reap the benefits of the mainstream processor, resulting in lower cost, high-performance, and faster technology re-fresh.

Enhanced RASOS Storage OS -- RASOS is now fully SMP-compliant, 64-bit, and pre-emptive. This allows a huge performance jump, and is positioned for further performance improvement with new processors. RASILIENT will continue using software-RAID to take full advantage of multi-core capabilities. The battery-backed technology is fully integrated with the main memory to further drive down the cost and push up the speed.

SAS Technology -- Serial-Attached SCSI (SAS) presents a clear cost and performance advantage over Fibre Channel. SAS utilizes the SATA link technology to lower its cost, where SATA has millions of volume per year. SAS starts at 3Gbps and can combine multiple links to form wide ports. The typical wide port is x4 SAS link, which is 12Gbps. In comparison, today's FC runs at 4Gbps. The 7500/8500 offers expansion links that run at 12Gbps (x4 wide port). Further, all drives are auto-discovered and are managed through the same 7500/8500 controllers and all expansion enclosure information (e.g., fan, power supply, voltage, temperature) is managed through the same 7500/8500 controller via in-band SES protocol.

In addition to iSCSI, the 7500/8500 can be used as a direct attached storage via SAS. For each 7500/8500 controller, there are two x4 SAS wide port connectors, allowing users to create LUNs (or Virtual Disks) for usage either through SAS or iSCSI.

High Bandwidth Host Connectivity -- The RASTOR 7500 controller is equipped with a total of six GE ports for maximum flexibility. Two ports come from the base storage controller. A four-port NIC is added via the controller's PCI-e card. This flexibility allows the optional 10GE NIC card to be added in the future. The 7500/8500 also enhances the ease of setup in data centers. Even with six or more GE ports, there is only one "system IP" address for the whole storage system. So, when the number of hosts increases in the data centers, they can be configured the same with the same storage target IP address. Even with the Active-Active dual-controller configuration and 12 GE ports, the same simplicity will be maintained since the hosts need to know only one "system IP." In addition, all traffic will be load balanced in all ports and both controllers automatically. The six-NIC configuration in the 7500 controller works well with multiple-path IO technology (MPIO). MPIO is a host technology, supported in major OS (e.g., Windows, Linux, Solaris), which allows SCSI commands to travel in different paths from the hosts to the storage systems. The path diversity provides the ability for load balancing and path redundancy.

Enterprise-class High Availability and Performance -- The 7500/8500 units feature Active-Active Controller Failover -- IP & Disk Takeover/ Failback (Dual Configurations), Persistent (72 Hour) & Mirrored (Dual Controller Models) Cache, Multi-path IO (MPIO), RAID 0,1,5,6,10 modes, Online Software Upgrades, Auto/Global Drive Sparing, Scheduled Inspection read and Bad Drive Sector Reconstruction. The 7500 using RAID 5 delivers up to 500 MBps and up to 62K IOPs. Lowest Cost per TB Scalability -- The 7500/8500 can scale up to 60 and 96 SAS or SATA drives respectively. The systems are priced at $650 per TB at SRP pricing.

Best in Class Flexibility, Modularity and Serviceability -- The solutions offer iSCSI SAN & SAS Host Connectivity, the use of SAS or SATA Drives, Multi-core Athlon or Opteron CPUs, and feature comprehensive, Easy-to-Use Remote Management Tools. All major components are redundant and serviceable. Even the Mid-plane is removable/serviceable.

"The ever-increasing market acceptance of our storage technology from our OEM partners validates our commitment to providing the best-in-class scalable network storage solutions for the performance and value markets," added Chang. "Our new line of RASTOR solutions can scale as fast and large as needed while providing consistent, predictable data delivery to compute intensive applications. We will continue to drive innovation and further establish our technological leadership by working closely with our partners to help them develop enabling solutions to better serve their customer base."

About RASILIENT Systems

RASILIENT designs and manufacturers low cost, high availability storage platforms for the OEM market worldwide. RASILIENT's enterprise-class storage technology costs a fraction of competitive alternatives. By combining high availability storage hardware and intelligent software, RASILIENT provides OEM customers with storage solutions that are unmatched in reliability, cost and performance. For more information, contact RASILIENT Systems at: 3 Results Way, Cupertino, CA 95014; information at 408-446-2078; sales at 949-496-8600; or visit the company's website at

CONTACT: Editorial, Ernesto China, +1-408-861-3584,, Sales, Bob Rudy, +1-949-496-8600,, both of RASILIENT Systems, Inc.; Curtis Chan of CHAN & ASSOCIATES, INC., +1-714-447-4993, ext. 100,, for RASILIENT Systems, Inc.

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