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RANs may not be 'draconian'.

* Sir, The extension of the use of Remedial Action Notices (RANs) to food businesses other than in the meat sector may not be as bad as some people make out ('Retailers blast draconian hygiene shake-up', The Grocer, 11 June, p5).

Of course there are worries over rogue enforcers, lack of compensation and delay in removing them, but on balance they could be of benefit to the responsible trader. No one wants to see the 20% of food businesses that have very low hygiene rating scores carry on regardless. At present they only have to say they are going to appeal and they can go on trading in an unhygienic way. RANs were one of the tools proposed in the Macrory report, and that was five years ago.

Food businesses who approached us had exactly the same fears as the companies in your article.

After further consideration and given suitable safeguards, the feedback we have had from small producers, caterers and retailers shows that the extension could be useful rather than "draconian" as you suggest.

Bob Salmon, director, Food Solutions

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Title Annotation:LETTER OF THE WEEK
Author:Salmon, Bob
Date:Jun 18, 2011
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