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Welcome to Issue #82, which features our annual compilation of "Staff Picks" articles from most of our regular contributors. Not only do you get some good advice about equipment, but also you get the opportunity to get to know our contributors better--to see what kind of equipment they favor, what their listening prejudices are, and what kind of equipment they would choose for themselves with their own money. We have deliberately avoided printing an official-looking list of "recommended components." Yes, there are recommended components listed, but we have tried to keep things on a more casual, less pompous level by having each contributor offer his own advice. We believe that audiophiles and music lovers deserve better than to be treated as mere consumers who need to be told what to buy; it is a sad commentary on our times that so many audiophiles want no more for themselves than just that. (But not many of our readers, we hope!)

Every year after we publish this annual feature, I get several letters and e-mail messages asking me why I as editor do not contribute a "Staff Picks" article. There are two main reasons. First, as I have explained in the past, I am the one who has the final say on the "$ensible Choice" listings for various equipment categories. Although these listings do not comprise only those pieces I personally favor, they are inevitably reflective of some of my views and values when it comes to equipment. Second, I am afraid that if I were to include my article in with the others, my role as editor would cause some readers to give my choices undue weight, which would be simply unfair to the other contributors and to the manufacturers of the equipment which they recommend.

An Apology: You may have noticed that this issue is a few weeks or so late. (If you did not notice, I am sorry I pointed it out ...). The fault is mine, and mine alone. Unfortunately, I had professional obligations in my "real" career that pulled me away from the magazine almost entirely for a six-week period (this kind of thing happens about once every five years). However, it looks as if we will be back on schedule with the next issue, which means that the time between the mailing of this issue and Issue 84 will be shorter than usual. Life just gets better and better ...

How to Communicate with Us: To order a new subscription, change an address on an existing subscription, order back issues, or take care of some other subscription-related matters, our business telephone is (800) 695-8439, our business fax is (716) 833-0929, our business address is 403 Darwin Drive, Snyder, NY 14226, and our business e-mail address is To correspond about any editorial matters, submit equipment for review, pass along hot audio gossip, put us on your mailing list, or just blow off steam, write KWN directly at 9775 Mills Road, Ostrander, OH 43061. To submit a classified ad or inquire about display advertising, please give Don Nowak a call at (800) 695-8439 or send him an email at

Previews of Coming Attractions: Among the equipment we have in or have been promised for review are speakers/ subwoofers from AR, Atlantic Technology, Dunlavy, Dynaudio, EgglestonWorks, Infinity, Legacy Audio, Linn, and Velodyne; components from Legacy Audio, Linn, NAD, Onkyo, Outlaw Audio, Parasound, Rane, and Shure Bros.; and much more, including plenty of music reviews, and a few surprises, including a review of a speaker that was a big hit in the '70s. -- KWN

One Last Thought: "With a continuous, repeated triangulation of playing, listening, and readjustment, we began to approach a recorded sound that was realistic. But it never was exactly right."-- Arnold Steinhardt
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Author:Nehring, Karl W.
Publication:Sensible Sound
Date:Sep 1, 2000
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