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RADVision and Intel Target Compatibility Between RADVision's H.323/320 Videoconferencing Gateway And Intel's Business Video Conferencing And TeamStation Products.

MAHWAH, NJ--(BUSINESS WIRE)--June 2, 1997--RADVision today announced that Intel and RADVision are working together to deliver compatibility between RADVision's H.323/320 Videoconferencing Gateway, the L2W-323, and Intel's H.323-based Business Video Conferencing and H.323-based TeamStation products. The Gateway enables Intel Video Conferencing users to communicate over the LAN with H.320 systems, without being directly connected to the ISDN network. This eliminates the need to run ISDN lines to each user, significantly reducing both installation and network management costs.

"Our companies are working together to ensure interoperability, so users can communicate with each other regardless of the networks they reside on" said Shykeh Gordon, President of RADVision, Inc. "Such connectivity increases the usefulness of video conferencing as a valid and practical business tool."

The ongoing cooperation between the companies ensures continuing compatibility between the product lines, which is important in the evolving environment of video conferencing standards.

"Intel is working with Industry leaders to bring standards-based video conferencing to businesses of all sizes," said Scott Darling, general manager for the Business Communications Products Division of Intel. "The RADVision H.323/H.320 Gateway is an important piece of infrastructure needed to make LAN-based, H.323 video conferencing a reality."

RADVision's H.323/320 Gateway, the L2W-323, enables H.323 users to communicate with any remote stations, by networking LAN or Intranet-based H.323 terminals with H.320 terminals connected to ISDN or other switched digital networks.

RADVision, a member of the RAD Group, develops and markets internetworking solutions for video conferencing. RADVision is an active participant in the ITU-T forum and is a contributor in the committee that defines the H.323 standard. In April '96, RADVision hosted the final preparation meeting of the IMTC, prior to the standard's approval. In 1996, RADVision was awarded CN's Users Choice Award for Videoconferencing. In 1995, RADVision's OnLAN system was awarded a "Hot Products of the Year" by Data Communications and awarded "Best of CeBit" Finalist by Byte Magazine. For more information on this, or other videoconferencing products, please contact Shykeh Gordon at 201-529-4300 or Ilene Wiener at 201-461-1400.


Ilene Wiener Shykeh Gordon

201-461-1400 201-529-4300

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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Jun 2, 1997
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