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RADVISION announces industry's most advanced test management suite for development of voice and video over IP devices.

RADVISION (Nasdaq:RVSN) has announced the general worldwide availability of its new ProLab Test Management Suite version 3.5, a highly scalable, feature-rich testing system suitable for all stages of development, Quality Assurance, deployment, and tuning of voice and video over IP (SIP and H.323) products.

New features of version 3.5 include a new improved Graphic User Interface (GUI), improved ease of use, advanced signaling and media testing, advanced monitoring, and a large number of built-in media and scripts.

"RADVISION's ProLab solution is the most advanced, powerful test platform for voice and video over IP (V2oIP) products on the market today," said Adi Paz, Director of Product Management and Marketing for RADVISION's Technology Business Unit. "With the new features and functionality we are delivering in version 3.5, particularly in its breadth of test scripts, media output, and general ease of use, we are providing a revolutionary testing tool that will enable the development and QA of the new generation of advanced packet-based communications solutions."

Designed to run on any standard Microsoft Windows PC system, RADVISION's ProLab Suite is unique in the industry for its ability to simulate a SIP User Agent, H.323 endpoint, Gatekeeper, SIP Server, as well as act as an advanced call generator. Using this platform, developers can test a multitude of voice and video over IP features, from call and signaling generation to simulated network packet loss, packet duplication, or delay. Manual and automated tests include performance testing, stress and load testing, functional testing, torture testing and interoperability testing.

ProLab is unique in the industry for providing a library of a wide variety of media types, enabling the developer to emulate virtually any end device and send multiple streams of real audio/video traffic over a network to the tested device in order to replicate any sort of network environment.

Based on RADVISION's years of expertise and its award winning protocol toolkits, the ProLab test platform is ideally suited as a development companion for: IP-PBXs; video phones and IP phones (H.323 and SIP based); mobile phones; desktop video endpoints; Softswitches; SIP User Agents; Proxy Servers, Registrars and Redirect Servers; conferencing bridges; VoIP-enabled chip sets; VoIP servers; videoconferencing systems; endpoints; gatekeepers; and call center systems.

In addition to featuring a new graphical user interface (GUI) that provides test-rich interface in an intuitive and easy-to-use format, ProLab v3.5 also features a number of new features designed to improve testing. The first feature is "QuickTest," a setting that allows the developer and QA to easily initiate a series of tests without needing to learn and write a full test script.

Additionally, to speed the testing process, ProLab also features a large number of pre-designed advanced test scripts. Test scripts are specifically designed scenarios that enable the product developer to quickly set up and run tests specifically targeted to the product being tested. For example, the developer can specify an "IP Phone" test and immediately a test script will generate traffic designed to test an IP phone application.

ProLab 3.5 features the latest versions of the SIP and H.323 protocols, enabling the testing of advanced features that are enabled by recent modifications to the protocol. By featuring the latest versions of each protocol, developers are able to create and test cutting edge products and IP communication features that are only recently possible.

RADVISION's ProLab features monitoring and traffic emulation on both the signaling level and the media level. Within each of these levels, the solution monitors all of the hundreds of messages, reports, and traffic that are generated during a call. Examples of signaling monitoring include system messages, set up time, and transaction statistics. At the media level, the system tracks packet loss, jitter, duplication, and video frame rate. With this advanced monitoring system the developer can ensure that its product is producing the best possible signaling and media transmission and any problems or bugs are caught prior to product release.

Version 3.5 of the RADVISION ProLab Test Management Suite also boasts an expanded library of over 1000 different media formats, enabling the replication and emulation of voice and video traffic from virtually any IP communications codec on the market today. With this feature the developer can test a device against any almost every product it might ever be connected to in a live network, ensuring quality, functionality, and stability.

RADVISION's ProLab Test Management Suite is a highly scalable and feature-rich testing and validation solution. ProLab can emulate a wide range of real-world network conditions to enable rigorous and robust testing of devices and components in the V2oIP network, thereby uncovering problems prior to deployment.

The ProLab Test Management Suite is specifically designed to perform advanced signaling tests (such as evaluating the number of calls handled) as well as media tests (such as checking for packet loss, delay, and jitter). Additionally, the ProLab Test Management Suite enables testing of network topology.

Based on RADVISION's years of expertise and its award-winning Protocol Toolkits, this powerful testing tool is compliant with the latest industry standards.

RADVISION's ProLab Test Management Suite version 3.5 is currently available worldwide.
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Comment:RADVISION announces industry's most advanced test management suite for development of voice and video over IP devices.
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Date:Jan 24, 2005
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