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RADIO BEACON WMS Helps Make Sporting Goods Accessory Distributor AGRON a More Efficient and Productive Operation.

TORONTO -- Radio Beacon Inc., a developer of warehouse management software for 3PLs, manufacturers, and distributors, announced today that Los Angeles-based apparel distributor Agron has installed RADIO BEACON WMS in its 180,000 square foot distribution center. Agron holds the distribution license for Adidas brand sportswear and accessories, including hats, bags and socks.

Prior to implementing Radio Beacon, Agron operated with paper pick lists and processed 1,500 order lines per day. Long order lead times averaging 3 months allowed warehouse staff to pick and repack orders. However, when Agron received the sock license from Adidas, their orders had to be turned around in less than a week and had doubled to 3,000 lines per day. Because they were now shipping thousands of orders to retail clients across the United States, Agron needed a way to increase throughput while maintaining order accuracy. Integration to their existing back office system, MAS 200, was also an important consideration for Agron when they entered the market for a WMS. For assistance in achieving their objective, the company worked with long time business solution partner ITG, who had installed Agron's MAS 200 system. ITG's Bob Gaby reviewed the company's requirements and suggested RADIO BEACON WMS as the solution to relieve the pressures on Agron's distribution center.

"When Agron started looking for a WMS, we had already modified their accounting product to help with inventory management, EDI and shipping," remembers Bob Gaby. "But now it was time to find a product that could handle large orders and increase throughput. With its interface capabilities to MAS 200 and its robust feature set, RADIO BEACON was that product."

RADIO BEACON's seamless integration with MAS 200 allows Agron to serve their company's needs effectively. Agron is able to gain complete visibility into its operations and supply chain performance. This enables the organization to leverage the real-time information they need to make informed business decisions.

"The implementation of RADIO BEACON has been instrumental in enabling us to dramatically increase order throughput while improving accuracy and customer service," said Alan Gomperts, Controller at Agron. "It's been an essential component of our success."

Since deploying RADIO BEACON WMS, Agron now has the ability to absorb the added business from their newly acquired Adidas contract while increasing throughput. Additionally, customer satisfaction is on the rise and the sales reps can focus on selling rather than chasing down orders or dealing with customer complaints. With RADIO BEACON, Agron can manage and prioritize its orders based on any number of criteria, including by customer-required date or even by cancellation date.

"Radio Beacon is pleased to have enabled Agron to double its daily orders lines while reducing cycle times without additional staffing," said Dale Jeffries, President of Radio Beacon Inc. "As RADIO BEACON WMS is scalable, we were able to support them as they doubled their throughput. Technology must be a facilitator of growth, not an obstacle to be worked around."

About Radio Beacon Inc.

Radio Beacon is a developer of warehouse management software that adapts with the growing business needs of third party logistics providers, manufacturers and distributors. RADIO BEACON is the safe WMS choice, extending our customers' accounting systems from companies like Microsoft, Best, and SAP to produce high-performance supply chain solutions that deliver accurate and compliant shipments, while improving operational procedures and reducing costs. Radio Beacon's warehouse management software integrates seamlessly with barcode, RFID and material handling technology. Radio Beacon WMS is distributed locally through global partners. For more information, visit

About Agron

Agron is a California-based distributor of Adidas brand socks, hats, bags and other sporting goods accessories. Agron ships these products from their 180,000 square foot distribution center to retail clients throughout the United States.

About ITG

Information Technology Group, Inc. is a technology consulting firm specializing in the implementation and support of accounting and business management software, custom application development, information security consulting, and network engineering and design.

As resellers and consultants for ACCPAC Advantage Series, MAS 90, MAS 90, MAS 500, Microsoft Business Solutions Great Plains, Citrix and Radio Beacon, ITG services clients primarily throughout greater Los Angeles and Ventura County.
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