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Radguard, a provider of e-business enabling secure VPN solutions, has renamed products in its cIPro family of VPN and network security solutions.

Radguard has renamed a number of products to reflect recent extensions to the company's product line. The new naming scheme was designed to make it easier for customers to select products based on user requirements. It is number, rather than application based, corresponding to the level and performance of the product, with higher numbers representing higher end products.

In accordance with this new naming scheme, the cIPro-VPN will now be called the cIPro-5000, which supports speeds up to T3/E3. In February, Radguard announced two IPSec/IKE gateways designed to meet the unique needs of remote office and branch office (ROBO) connections. These products were named using the new scheme: cIPro-3000 for T1/E1 and DSL, and cIPro-2000 for ISDN support.

In addition to the name change to cIPro-5000, the following name changes to existing products are also in effect:

-- cIPro-DMZ, the company's dedicated DMZ product, will now be called cIPro-5000 DMZ

-- cIPro-HQ, Radguard's combination enterprise certificate authority and VPN gateway, will now be called cIPro-5000 HQ

-- cIPro-FW, the company's high-performance, standalone hardware-based firewall, will now be called cIPro-5000 FW

The names cIPro-client, cIPro-MNG and cIPro-CA remain unchanged, reflecting the compatibility of these solutions to the entire product line.

About cIPro-5000

cIPro-5000 is a fully comprehensive VPN system. It provides hardware-based encryption and authentication, high-performance with extremely low latency and absolute transparency. It enables the easy formation of Intranets, Extranets, multi- party VPNs and secured virtual private links to mobile users, while ensuring the confidentiality, authenticity and integrity of data traveling across such networks. cIPro- 5000 comes with its own hardware-based certificate authority and is compatible with the IPSec and X.509 standards.

About Radguard's secure VPN solutions

The cIPro product family comprises hardware and software-based solutions for all aspects of IPSec Virtual Private Networking. The component products of the cIPro line deliver advanced security features in tamper-proof and easily managed packages. They offer IPSec/IKE network encryption, integrated firewall functions, advanced dynamic key management, network address translation (NAT), automatic network topology learning and encrypted SNMP management traffic. Designed for both large and small-scale VPN environments, cIPro system solutions come with user-friendly management systems that provide simple and secure pathways for centralized and regional network management.

About Radguard

Since 1994, Radguard is an international provider of secure e-business, and is involved in some of the largest VPN installations around the world. Radguard's products, all of which are based on industry standards, use dedicated hardware platforms that provide the best performance and most robust security for a complete enterprise solution. Radguard provides 24x7 worldwide support for its product line and works with some of the world's leading distributors, resellers and systems integrators. United States-based Radguard Inc. is headquartered in Bedford, and international Radguard Ltd. headquarters are based in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Radguard can be found on the World Wide Web at

For more information, call 781/271-1414.
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Title Annotation:Product Information; clPro-VPN becomes clPro-5000
Publication:Networks Update
Date:May 1, 2000

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