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RACHIS Recoil System.

Brass Stacker

The RACHIS Recoil System for full- and compact-frame Glock GEN 4 pistols is now available. The Carry model features a hollow, lightweight Nitro-Wear, heat-treated ETD 150 alloy steel guide rod. The COMPETITION model is permanently bonded with a Tungsten Carbide core. Both are used in conjunction with a conventional ISMI non-captive, single-stage round wire recoil spring and a 12L14 alloy steel guide rod bushing: With an approximate 400 percent increase over the weight of the factory recoil assembly, these high-density guide rods provide additional non-reciprocating mass, improving recovery times and yielding faster target acquisition of follow-up shots. For more info: (828) 665-4427,

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Title Annotation:NEW PRODUCTS
Publication:Guns Magazine
Date:Sep 27, 2012
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