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RACHEL HUBBY DEATH THREAT; Gardai warn Joe O'Reilly his life could be in danger.


THE husband of murdered mother Rachel O'Reilly has received death threats, it emerged yesterday.

Gardai have informed Joe O'Reilly, the self-acknowledged prime suspect, that his life could be in danger.

It is believed the threats were made by someone known to Mr O'Reilly and were reported to gardai by a third party.

But it is not known if the person who told of the threat is connected to the murder investigation.

Detectives believe there was a plan to attack Mr O'Reilly but he has not asked for Garda protection.

The revelation comes just days after Rachel's family held a vigil in Naul, Co Dublin, at the house she had shared with her husband.

Her family organised the vigil to mark the second anniversary of her killing - but Mr O'Reilly did not turn up at the ceremony.

Rachel was found battered to death in her Naul home on October 4, 2004 but nobody has ever been charged with her murder.

There have been signs that tension between Rachel's family and her husband have been growing recently.

Last week her parents placed a memorial in a Dublin newspaper but there was no mention of Mr O'Reilly. Rachel's father Jim Callely has made a plea for her killers to hand themselves over to gardai.

He said: "If anyone knows anything that may help gardai, they should come forward. They would probably feel a lot better if they did.

"We believe there must be somebody who knows something.

"I believe you can't do something like that totally on your own so if anybody knows anything they should come forward no matter how scared they might be."

Rachel's mother and sister also made a plea for help when they appeared on the Late, Late Show on Friday night - just days before what would have been Rachel's 33rd birthday.

Rose said: "At the time of Rachel's death, we didn't think nobody would be brought to justice two years later.

"It is a strange feeling to be in the middle of a nightmare. The sun has gone out of our lives."

And she told her daughter's killer: "In God's name, if they want to help themselves after what they did they should go to the police and hand themselves in."

The Director of Public Prosecutions is considering the Garda file on the case.


SUSPECT: Joe O'Reilly' SLAIN: Mum Rachel
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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Oct 9, 2006
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