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RABIES TERROR OF BAT ATTACK; Scot fights for life after bite.

Byline: RON MOORE, Chief Reporter

SCOTLAND has been put on rabies alert after a wildlife worker was crippled by a killer bat bite.

David McRae, 55, was last night still fighting for life in hospital.

But medics warned they expect him to become the first British death from the disease in almost a century.

Artist McRae's devastated family, including partner Carole, were told the shocking news after he began showing signs of the deadly European Bat Lyssavirus strain. A huge containment strategy went into operation as soon as fears were raised by doctors, and David was immediately quarantined at Dundee's world-respected Ninewells Hospital.

His family were offered vaccines against the disease.

Last night Dr Dilip Nathwani, consultant physician in infectious diseases, said: "If the rabies diagnosis is correct, the patient won't stand a chance of surviving."


THREAT: Bats carry rabies
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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Nov 20, 2002
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