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R.E. May Inc. Selects GLUON's New QuarkXPress Server-Powered Solutions.

Quark and GLUON Team to Deliver Customized Web-to-Print Applications

CHICAGO -- Quark Inc. announced today that R.E. May Inc., a print service provider offering innovative solutions in output and customer service, has chosen GLUON applications powered by QuarkXPress Server to create Web-to-print applications.

R.E. May is now able to offer clients custom self-serve Web portals that reinforce brand identity by making design and print components available through the GLUON and Quark technology solution. In addition, R.E. May can provide existing prepress clients the ability to proof jobs online and download print-ready files on demand.

John Pangrace, vice president of R.E. May, said, "We are expanding our business by making it easy for us to implement solutions for our clients while giving them greater control of their design. That means our clients can use more of the flexibility of a Web interface to enhance their advertising, marketing, and printing.

"We are dedicated to providing our customers with high-quality print output, and QuarkXPress Server Co based on the industry-standard design layout tool, QuarkXPress Co enables us to do that," Pangrace said.

Working with QuarkXPress Server and GLUON's HyperTemplate and HyperRender XTensions modules, the system transforms QuarkXPress documents into Web-based templates, enabling on-demand customization of marketing and advertising materials by multiple remote users to simplify the creation of on-demand creative communications.

The Web-enabled, template-driven capabilities of QuarkXPress Server empower R.E. May customers to create customized marketing material and high-quality branded promotional output Co all through Web interfaces. On the output side, companies in the print industry can implement successful Web-to print applications to fuel growth of their short-run color business.

The solution was implemented in just one week, allowing R.E. May to offer its clients the benefits of dynamic publishing: Producing jobs more efficiently and cost-effectively. One R.E. May client, an advertising agency, is using the solution to create an on-demand Web site for a motorcycle company. Harnessing the power of QuarkXPress Server, the GLUON solution empowers the motorcycle company's network of 500 dealers to customize and localize branded marketing materials based on local buyer demographics.

"We are ecstatic to work with GLUON in order to take dynamic publishing to the next level for R.E. May and their clients," said Eric Silver, partner manager for System Integrator and OEM solutions at Quark. "Providing automation for dynamic creative content on the Internet provides the print industry and creative agencies the ability to boost efficiency for their campaigns, customers, and marketing activities."

About R.E. May

R.E. May is a print service provider that focuses on providing innovative solutions to deliver high-quality output and customer service. R.E. May's core business is to provide digital files as well as prepress and production work to deliver print-ready files to its clients.


GLUON Inc. produces high-quality software tools for the publishing industry. The company's tools positively impact four major areas of publishing: Creativity, productivity, management, and quality assurance.

About QuarkXPress Server

QuarkXPress Server is the application technology formerly known as Quark Dynamic Document Server (QuarkDDS). The new name more accurately reflects the product's core QuarkXPress design-and-print functionality in addition to its integration and automation capabilities. Quark system integrator and OEM partners have already deployed this technology in many production environments. References to these applications include solutions deployed under both names: QuarkDDS and QuarkXPress Server.

About Quark

Quark Inc. ( is an innovative software company providing design, production, and collaboration solutions that are transforming the business of creative communications. Quark has provided award-winning software for professional publishers since its flagship product, QuarkXPress, changed the course of traditional publishing. Founded in 1981, Denver-based Quark Inc. is privately held.

Quark and Quark related marks are trademarks and/or registered trademarks of Quark Inc. and all applicable affiliated companies, Reg. U.S. Pat. & Tm. Off. and in many other countries. All other marks are the properties of their respective owners.

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Date:Oct 18, 2006
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