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"This is me ... I'm not a twig and I refuse to be one. I'm happy with the way I am."

--Actress KATE WINSLET, criticizing men's magazine GQ for digitally retouching photographs to make her look slimmer. (, Jan. 13)

"You wouldn't dig out a human's nails."

--KAREN STITH, a cat owner in West Hollywood, California, speaking out against declawing of pets. The City Council is considering a ban on declawing as inhumane, because it involves cutting off part of the animal's toes. If approved, the ban would be the first of its kind in the United States. (The Associated Press, Jan. 17)

"The Legislature couldn't reform it, lawmakers won't repeal it, but I will not stand for it--I must act."

--Governor GEORGE RYAN of Illinois, on the state's capital-punishment system, which he called unfair and saturated with error. Ryan commuted the death sentences of all 167 prisoners on death row, leaving most to serve life in prison. (The New York Times, Jan. 12)

"It did terrible damage to the credibility of our system of justice, and particularly for the victims."

--Senator JOE LIEBERMAN of Connecticut, on the ramifications of Governor Ryan's decision. (The New York Times, Jan. 19)

"We will cut the hands off anyone who comes near us."

--A chant by an estimated crowd of 10,000 Iraqis assembled in Baghdad, protesting the massing of U.S. troops in the Persian Gulf region. (Reuters, Jan. 22)

"Teachers who are cookie cutters are not what we need. We need teachers who are creative and empowered."

--New York City Schools Chancellor JOEL I. KLEIN, on implementing a new systemwide curriculum for underperforming schools that will place greater focus on reading and math, and on problem solving rather than memorizing. (The New York Times, Jan. 22)
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Date:Feb 21, 2003
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