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"So does this mean skateboarding will be in the Special Olympics too?"--Wieger Van Wageningen, asking a fair question


"I'd rather cut myself than stretch." --Greyson Fletcher


"I need a bank to pillow for a spot."--Evan Smith

"Thank God my balls didn't pop."--Windsor James

"Next Bust or Bail should be at the Sunset Carwash."--Jerry Hsu

"I wish I smoked just so I could quit smoking."--Clint Walker


"I haven't seen someone wear a seatbelt since 'Nam."--Collin Provost after Ryan Lovell made it click in the Volcom van


"My brain told me not to skate for the first time ever."--Evan Smith, listening to his body


"Like J-Lay in his hey day." --Cody Green

"We don't shoot skateboarders." --LA police to Ewan Bowman

"I have eight friends and they all live in my head." --Greyson Fletcher


"I don't see many skaters out there imitating Nyjah's look."--Dustin Dollin

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Date:Nov 16, 2016
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