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"It was very ferocious."

Deliveryman Nolan Lett of Oak Brook, Illinois, who filed a successful workers' compensation claim after three Canada geese ambushed him as he attempted to enter his workplace. Two geese blocked one entrance, so Lett tried another. There, an agitated goose took flight and dive-bombed him. Lett tried to flee but tripped, fell, and broke his wrist. His attorney hasn't heard of another workers' comp case that involves wildlife.

"This is an old law, so I think you should look at it again."

Nine-year-old Josh Lipshaw made this plea to the West Bloomfield Township, Michigan, Board of Trustees when he asked it to consider repealing a law that bans ice cream trucks and other solicitors from the community. The board voted unanimously to draft an amendment to the ordinance, which has been in place for nearly 50 years. Josh won't find out for several months whether ice cream trucks will be allowed: The township police chief and attorneys need to study the issue. A public hearing and board vote will follow.

"I thought I was never going to get out of there."

Painesville, Ohio, resident Kenyata Reid, whom a judge sentenced to three hours in silence alone in a forest. Reid had been convicted of disorderly conduct for playing his car stereo too loudly. He was given the option of spending two days in jail or time in the woods.

"It's not an absurd idea."

David Veazey, assembly member for the borough of Fairbanks North Star, Alaska, who proposed an ordinance to snuff out cigarette-butt litter. He suggested that cigarette buyers be charged a $1 fee per pack. They would receive 5 cents for every butt they turned in to a borough office. Only Veazy voted for the measure. Opponents called the proposal "lame," "ludicrous," and discriminatory.
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Date:Jan 1, 2002
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