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"If I were Osama bin Laden ... I couldn't ask for anything better than for America's entertainers to bash their president, denigrate him, make him seem like an idiot and a self-serving fool."

--Pat Boone, quoted in WorldNetDaily, May 22

"I never was in favor of that. We all got out there and tried to put our best face on it."

--Sen. John Thune (R-S.D.) on the Republicans' short-lived proposal to fight rising gas prices by giving every American taxpayer a $100 rebate, quoted in the May 5 New York Times. Thune stood next to Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist when the plan was announced.

"I think 'rape and incest' is a buzzword. It's a bit of a throwaway line and not everybody who says that really understands what that means. How are you going to define that?"

--South Dakota state Rep. Joel Dykstra (R-Lincoln County) on why the state legislature didn't include those exceptions in its abortion ban, April 20

"These people that reveal our secrets, who hurt our war effort, who hurt the effort of our CIA ... who hurt the efforts of the president's people--they shouldn't be given prizes and awards for this. They should be looked into [under] the Espionage Act."

--talk show host Bill Bennett on the Pulitzer Prizes awarded to New York Times reporters who exposed the NSA's domestic spying, April 18
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Date:Aug 1, 2006
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