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"Your generation was born into a world with fewer walls, a world educated in an era of information, tempered by war and economic turmoil. As our globe has grown smaller and more connected, you've shed the heavy weights of earlier generations. You have grown up more accepting and tolerant of people for who they are, regardless of race or gender or religious belief or creed or sexual orientation. ... You see our diversity as a strength, not a weakness. I believe those life experiences have fortified you, as earlier generations were fortified, to meet the tests of our time. Everything I have seen of your generation has shown me that you believe, just as deeply as any previous generation, that America can always change for the better."

--President Barack Obama (4/29/11), in his commencement address at Miami Dade College

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Title Annotation:quotation of President Barack Obama
Publication:ED Review
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Date:May 13, 2011
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