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`There can be no security, no freedom, no effficiency without the acceptance of great discipline under the guidance of a strong state and with the enthusiastic support of a people rallied in unity." Former French President Charles de Gaulle

"The time of absolute sovereignty ... has passed; its theory was never matched by reality." Former UN Secretary-General Boutros Boutros-Ghali

`Traditional nation-states are losing sovereignty, either to the general forces of the global marketplace or to the specific rules imposed upon member states by the new economic groups--the European Community, the North American Free Trade Agreement." Richard Gwyn, Toronto Star columnist, 1989

"Sovereignty is the expression and defence of our shared values, our history, our culture, our traditions, and our institutions ..." John Godfrey, Member of Parliament, 2002

"Canadians might (say), and not without reason, that nobody cares about Parliament anyway. But where else in our system can genuine, focussed debate occur among elected representatives? ... The disdain for Parliament shown by the government feeds on itself, because if the government doesn't believe Parliament is important, who will?" Jeffrey Simpson, Globe and Mail columnist, 2001

"Our interpretation of sovereignty is that one nation is sovereign; the other nation is sovereign; the tree is sovereign; the ocean is sovereign; the mountains are sovereign, and all work together to hero each other and we form one earth, one unit." Andrew Delisle, Mohawk Indian, 1991

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Title Annotation:Losing Sovereignty
Publication:Canada and the World Backgrounder
Article Type:Brief Article
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Date:Jan 1, 2003
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