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Excerpted from BestWeek US./Canada and BestWeek Europe

"We want to be the most profitable reinsurer worldwide. As a primary insurer, we intend to exploit business segments and markets with major growth potential, particularly abroad."

Nikolaus yon Bomhard, chairman Munich Re's Board of Management

"If [a potentially vicious dog bites someone], your homeowners [insurance] company is absolutely going to notify you that there's not going to be coverage for that dog. I can't imagine that any insurance company would be so oblivious as to fail to do that."

Carolyn Gorman, vice president Insurance Information Institute

"[The AIA is] hopeful the [Commission of Catastrophic Disaster Risk and Insurance Act] will ultimately fend, for a number of reasons, that the private market is best suited financially to manage natural catastrophe risk."

Marc Racicot, president American Insurance Association

"There are political parties on Facebook, and many major U.K. advertisers have ended up on all sorts of different sites, which we don't necessarily endorse or condone the content of. At the moment, we decided to remove our advertising from Facebook and review it. Companies often buy advertising through third-party networks weeks and months in advance and are not always able to legislate where their ads appear."

Sophie Dawn, spokeswoman U.K.-based Prudential plc.
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Date:Sep 1, 2007
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