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Quotable. (Exercising the Right).

Writing in the May 1997 issue of Freedom Daily (the monthly journal of the Future of Freedom Foundation), author and journalist James Bovard reminded his readers that "disarming women can have deadly consequences." To illustrate the point, he recalled that "Polly Pryzbyl, a Cheektowaga, New York, woman, was murdered by her husband in August 1994 after police took away her guns. A few days earlier, she had separated from her husband and taken her children with her to her mother's house. He came to her mother's house and threatened her; she brandished a pistol to force him to back off. Police arrived and seized her gun. A week later, she and her mother went to her husband's house to pick up clothing for the children; he stepped out of the house and gunned them both down."
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Author:Lee, Robert W.
Publication:The New American
Date:Dec 30, 2002
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