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Quizzers' top gaffes.

Byline: David Collins

ONE Beatle was called Lennie and Cambridge University is in Leicester, according to dimwitted quiz show contestants.

These are among answers given on some of Britain's TV and radio quiz shows such as The Weakest Link and Family Fortunes.

Anne Robinson asked a Weakest Link contender to complete the question: "A pain in the lower legs often suffered by sportsmen is known as shin...?". The reply, instead of "splints", was, "dler's List."

Asked for the name of the Islamic Bible, and given the clue "The Kor...", a quizzer said "Blimey?" Another identified Germany's national airline as the Luftwaffe.

Mahatma Gandhi's first name was given as Goosey.

And asked to name a bird with a long neck one punter said: "Naomi Campbell".

The nationality of the Pope, a contestant said confidently, is Jewish.

A host of similar dumb replies has been compiled for a new book, Universally Challenged.


HOST: Anne Robinson
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Publication:The People (London, England)
Date:Sep 12, 2010
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