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Quiz wizard: Vietnam War.

How much do you know about what's in this issue of JS? Take this quiz after reading the American History article on pp. 16-19.

* Fill in the letter of the correct answer for each of the following.

1. What was the U.S. government's main reason for fighting the war in Vietnam?

A to gain access to Vietnam's oil

B to help Vietnam win its independence from France

C to overthrow Vietnam's dictator

Dto stop Communism from spreading in Southeast Asia

2. Which of these led to an escalation of U.S. involvement in the war?

A antiwar protests by American youth

B an alleged attack on U.S. ships in the Gulf of Tonkin

C President Kennedy's assassination

D the U.S. civil rights movement

3. Congress passed a resolution that allowed which President to use "all necessary measures" in the war?

A Harry S. Truman

B John F. Kennedy

C Lyndon B. Johnson

D Richard M. Nixon

4. The Vietnam War ended when South Vietnam's government surrendered in:

A 1968 [B] 1970 [C] 1973 [D] 1975

5. Saigon, formerly the capital of South Vietnam, is now called what?

A Da Nang

B the Demilitarized Zone

C Hanoi

D Ho Chi Minh City








1. How did American policies like the Truman Doctrine (seep. 17) contribute to the U.S. becoming involved in--and escalating--the war in Vietnam?

2. How did the fact that the Vietnam War was fought by draftees rather than volunteers affect youth involvement in antiwar protests?

3. Many people say that disagreements about the Vietnam War still affect America today. Do you agree? Explain.

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