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Quiz of the week; Posers and puzzlers.

1. Which pop star has revealed her worries about not having children? 2. Who sparked a school uniform price war by offering to kit out kids for pounds 3.75? 3. Which youth organisation has launched a recruitment drive to attract more members? 4. Which beer has been named Britain's favourite with annual sales of pounds 525million? 5. Researchers say water from windscreen wipers could be a leading cause of which illness? 6. US President Barack Obama has compared the BP oil spill to which other disaster? 7. Which computer game manufacturers have just revealed the first 3D handheld console? 8. The final scenes in which long-running TV show have just been filmed? 9. Which WAG is to appear in an episode of Spongebob Squarepants? 10. How old was Indian woman Bhateri Devi, who had triplets after undergoing IVF? 11. Who caused controversy by revealing their plans to attend a Buckingham Palace garden party? 12. Which ITV football pundit has been sacked for passing on free World Cup tickets? 13. Which golfer dodged a driving ban for speeding thanks to 'Mr Loophole' lawyer Nick Freeman? 14. Which England football legend was admitted to hospital after being injured in a car crash? 15. Name the playwright who had a wallet containing pounds 1500 stolen by pickpockets. 16. Which broadcaster used a lecture to describe British TV as infantile? 17. Name the rapper who has revealed he considered buying English football club Crystal Palace.

18. Which Scottish football club was this week taken off the market by its owner? 19. Manchester City fans Nigel and Sharon Mather scooped how much on the EuroMillions lottery? 20. A replacement chain for Woolworths run by former employees has opened their first Scottish store in which town?
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Sunday Mail (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Jun 20, 2010
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