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Quiz of the Day.

Quiz of the Day 6. What name was given to the bomb shelters built in people's gardens during the Second World War? 1. Which record company signed the Rolling Stones in 1963, having just rejected the Beatles? 7. Which flightless bird occupies a breeding colony called a rookery? 2. In which of Jane Austen's novels is Anne Elliot a character? 8. Which official weekly paper lists company liquidations and bankruptcies? 3. In which Radio 4 game show is actress Sheila Hancock a frequent competitor? 9. Comedian Seth Rogen played an unlikely romantic lead opposite Katherine Heigl in which 2007 hit film? 4. In which sea battle was HMS Vanguard Nelson's flagship? 10. Of which ocean are the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf arms? 5. What is the occupation of members of the Teamsters' Union in the United States? Seth Rogen - see Question 9 Ocean.

Indian The 10 Up; Knocked 9 Gazette; London The 8 penguin; The 7 shelters; Anderson 6 driving; Lorry 5 Nile; the of Battle The 4 Minute; AJust 3 Persuasion; 2 Decca; 1 ANSWERS:

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Publication:The Journal (Newcastle, England)
Date:Jul 19, 2014
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