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Quiz of the Day.

1. At which school was the fictional schoolboy 6. Which English queen bore 15 children? Billy Bunter educated? 7. Eboracum and Jorvik were two former names 2. How is the German region of Schwarzwald for which city? known in English? 8. Which service medal is inscribed 'For bravery 3. By what name was US 'primitive artist' Anna in the field'? ANSWERS: 1 Greyfriars; 2 The Black Forest; 3 Grandma Moses; 4 Orange; 5 Norse; 6 Charlotte (wife of George III); 7 York; 8 The Military Medal; 9 Colin Cowdrey; 10 Richard Gere.

Mary Robertson Moses better known? 9. Who was the first cricketer to play in 100 Test 4. What fruit is used to flavour Grand Marnier matches? liqueur? 10. As which famous actor did Paul Burrell sing 5. Aesir is the collective name for the chief gods Razzle Dazzle on ITV's Celebrity Stars in their Paul Burrell - see Question 10 in which mythology? Eyes?
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Date:Dec 27, 2012
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