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Quiz of the Day.

1. Who played the part of Compo in the BBC sitcom Last Of The Summer Wine? 2. To which plant family does sugar cane belong? 3. Which 19th century French artist specialised in designing posters for the Paris Ballet and music halls? 4. Which exiled communist leader was assassinated by a Soviet agent in Mexico in 1940? 5. Which famous grand-niece of Henry VIII married Lord Guilford Dudley? 6. Which island is separated from South America by the Strait of Magellan? 7. In which country is the Canadian River? 8. Which Welsh rugby full-back won 55 caps for Wales and eight for the British Lions between 1969 and 1989? 9. Robert Pattinson played Cedric Diggory in which 2005 fantasy film? 10. The vaccine for which disease was developed in 1954 by Dr Jonas Salk? ANSWERS: 1 Bill Owen; 2 The grasses; 3 Henri Toulouse-Lautrec; 4 Leon Trotsky; 5 Lady Jane Grey; 6 Tierra del Fuego; 7 The United States; 8 J.P.R. Williams; 9 Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire; 10 Poliomyelitis.


Robert Pattinson - see Question 9
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Publication:The Birmingham Post (England)
Date:Nov 15, 2012
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