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Quiz of the Day.

1. What was the title of Aaron Carter's first UK top ten hit, released in 1997 when he was 6. How old was the 'Dancing Queen' in the famous Abba song? barely ten years old? 2. In Greek mythology, who was killed by an arrow in his heel? 7. In astronomy what is the specific distinguishing feature of a binary star? 8. Which common weed is poisonous to horses and cattle but not sheep? 3. Which motorway runs between London and Cambridge? 4. Which sleuth was pictured on book covers as 9. Which opera by Verdi was based on the Alexandre Dumas novel La Dame Aux Camlias? a matchstick man with a halo? 5. On which island was Princess Margaret's George Clooney - see Question 10 holiday home 'Les Joies Eaux'? 10. Which film, produced by George Clooney, also won him the Academy Award for best supporting actor? ANSWERS: 1 Crush On You; 2 Achilles; 3 The M11; 4 The Saint; 5 Mustique; 6 Seventeen; 7 It consists of two stars revolving around a common centre of gravity; 8 Common ragweed; 9 La Traviata; 10 Syriana.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:The Journal (Newcastle, England)
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Date:Apr 7, 2010
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