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Quiz of the Day.

Judy Finnegan - see Question 10 1. Which Disney cartoon film featured the song The Bare Necessities? 2. How many strings does a standard violin have? 3. In which English city is the Fitzwilliam Museum of art and antiquities? 4. What is the carat weight of gold in jewellery stamped .375? 5. What is the Japanese name for the ritual suicide of a samurai warrior? 6. What was the name of the spoof chat show host played by Caroline Aherne in a BAFTA awardwinning TV series? 7. Which tropical hardwood is used to make the black keys on a piano? 8. Who was appointed Lord Protector of England after the execution of King Charles I? 9. Which agency of the United Nations has the initials WHO? 10. What was the first long-running TV chat show to be presented by Judy Finnegan and Richard Madeley? ANSWERS: 1 The Jungle Book; 2 Four; 3 Cambridge; 4 Nine carat; 5 Hara-kiri; 6 Mrs Merton; 7 Ebony; 8 Oliver Cromwell; 9 The World Health Organisation; 10 This Morning..
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Publication:The Birmingham Post (England)
Date:May 25, 2009
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