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Quiz of the Day.

1. Found in the Antarctic what is the name of the world's largest penguin?

2. In 1995 at which soccer club's ground did Eric Cantona launch himself into the crowd to attack a spectator?

3. Which military decoration is awarded to any member of the US armed forces wounded in action?

4. Which of Louis XV's mistresses was subsequently guillotined during the French Revolution?

5. Known as the Dog Star what is the name of the brightest star in the night sky?

6. Killed in the same plane crash that claimed the life of Buddy Holly, by what name was J.P. Richardson better known?

7. What is the name of a poker hand containing ace, king, queen, jack and ten all of the same suit?

8. Willy Loman is the central character in which play by Arthur Miller?

9. What is the name of the FBI agent played by Jodie Foster in The Silence Of The Lambs?

10. Which bird was nicknamed gooney or goony after a slang term for fool?


1 The emperor penguin; 2 Crystal Palace; 3 Purple Heart; 4 Madame du Barry; 5 Sirius; 6 The Big Bopper; 7 A royal flush; 8 Death Of A Salesman; 9 Clarice Starling; 10 The albatross.


Jodie Foster - see Question 9
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Date:Apr 19, 2008
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