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Quiz of the Day.

I. Which British prime minister wrote A History Of The English-Speaking Peoples?

2. Which country has a coat of arms on its flag depicting an eagle killing a snake?

3. Which cocktail, made from rum and lime juice, is named after a village on the coast of Cuba?

4. Through which English county does the River Coquet flow?

5. Which table aame has three suits known as bamboos, characters and circles?

6. For which state of the USA did Bill Clinton serve two terms as governor?

7. Which European country is home to the football clubs Birkirkara and Sliema?

8. Which British bird walks upstream under water searching for insect larvae?

9. What do the initials CB stand for in CB Radio?

10. From which Shakespeare play did Ray

Bradbury take the title for his novel

Something Wicked This Way Comes?

ANSWERS: 1 winston churchil; 2 Mexico; 3 Daiquiri; Northumberland; 5 Mahjong; 6 Arkansas; 7 malta; 8 The dipper; 9 Citizens' band; 10 macbeth,
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Date:Oct 29, 2007
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