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Quiz of the Day.

1. Which English seaside town has the longest pier in the world?

2. Which member of the royal family married Katharine Worsley in 1961?

3. What is a Double Gloucester?

4. What name is given to the fine wire used in old radio sets to make contact with a crystal?

5. In which 1953 film does the character Sergeant Milton Warden fall in love with his superior's wife?

6. In which sport is the Sir William Burton Cup awarded?

7. What word describes the degree of ability of a metal to be drawn into a thin wire?

8. Which range of mountains runs from Maine to central Alabama?

9. Which country was represented by Marija Serifovic when she won the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest?

10. The power or strength of what items are measured in dioptres?

ANSWERS: 1 Southend; 2 The Duke of Kent; 3 A cheese; 4 Cat's whisker; 5 From Here To Eternity; 6 Yacht racing, National 12 class; 7 Ductility; 8 The Appalachians; 9 Serbia; 10 Lenses.


Marija Serifovic - see Question 9
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Publication:The Birmingham Post (England)
Date:Jun 8, 2007
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