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Quitting time?

Could NH's secession from the US of A be the secret Free Stater agenda?

Judging by a recent Wash Post op-ed by the Free State Project's Numero Uno, Jason Sorens, ya never know.

Titled, "Where Scotland failed, could New Hampshire succeed?"

JS' opus plays off on the recent anti-independence vote over in the Land of Golf and Laphroaig, and he finds that, while the Scots didn't buy into the idea of leaving the UK, he could see why libertarians fed up with the federal govt, over on this side of the Atlantic would.


The interesting thing to note about Prof JS (besides being a recent NH transplant, he's a visiting professor at Dartmouth) is that in the Wash Post piece, he seems to use the words "libertarians," "Free Staters" and "we Granite Staters" interchangeably.

Which means when he says he, and fellow lib ertarians/Free Staters, could one day be fed up with the feds enough to say "no mas" to DC, he extends that to the entire population of New Hampshire.

Of course, you can't ever rule anything out. But Prof JS' thesis, boiled down, is essentially based on the premise that he himself and the other 1,399 or so NH residents who identify themselves as Free Staters are frustrated and, when necessary, will take action. So the rest of the 1,320,600 NH'ers are and will be too.

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Date:Oct 3, 2014
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