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Synergistic efficacies of thymoquinone and standard antibiotics against multi-drug resistant isolates. Dera, Ayed A.; Ahmad, Irfan; Rajagopalan, Prasanna; Shahrani, Mesfer Al; Saif, Ahmed; Alshahrani, Mo Feb 1, 2021 5039
Identification of New Targets and the Virtual Screening of Lignans against Alzheimer's Disease. Maia, Mayara dos Santos; Rodrigues, Gabriela Cristina Soares; de Sousa, Natalia Ferreira; Scotti, Ma Aug 31, 2020 13389
Spectrophotometric determinations of most commonly used statins in pharmaceutical preparations with 2,3-dichloro-5,6-dicyanobenzoquinone. Kizilcay, Gamze Ergin; Toker, Sidika Erturk Aug 1, 2020 4994
Spectrophotometric determinations of most commonly used statins in pharmaceutical preparations with 2,3-dichloro-5,6-dicyanobenzoquinone. Kizilcay, Gamze Ergin; Toker, Sidika Erturk Aug 1, 2020 5029
Anticancer Activities of Saponins and Quinones Group through Oxidative Stress and Glycolysis Inhibition via in Silico Studies. Mustofa, Haris Nur; Wiraswati, Hesti Lina; Ekawardhani, Savira; Fianza, Pandji Irani; Windria, Saras Report Jun 1, 2020 4120
How PQQ Slows Aging. Hamilton, Janice May 1, 2020 2421
Mersaquinone, A New Tetracene Derivative from the Marine-Derived Streptomyces sp. EG1 Exhibiting Activity against Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA). Kim, Min Cheol; Cullum, Reiko; Hebishy, Ali M.S.; Mohamed, Hala A.; Faraag, Ahmed H.I.; Salah, Nehad Report May 1, 2020 3719
Assessing Redox Properties of Natural Organic Matters with regard to Electron Exchange Capacity and Redox-Active Functional Groups. Xu, Zhiyuan; Yang, Zhen; Wang, Hongping; Jiang, Jie Apr 30, 2020 4574
Mechanisms of Anthracycline-Enhanced Reactive Oxygen Metabolism in Tumor Cells. Doroshow, James H. Dec 31, 2019 11885
Synthesis and Characterization of New Naphtho-and Tetracyclic Diazaquinone Derivatives. Report Oct 31, 2019 3709
Vanillic Acid Restores Coenzyme Q Biosynthesis and ATP Production in Human Cells Lacking COQ6. Lopez, Manuel J. Acosta; Trevisson, Eva; Canton, Marcella; Vazquez-Fonseca, Luis; Morbidoni, Valeria Jul 31, 2019 6234
Decreasing the Cycle Time for In-Mold Coating (IMC) of Sheet Molding Compound (SMC) Compression Molding. Bhuyan, Mohammad S.K.; Ko, Seunghyun; Villarreal, Maria G.; Straus, Elliott J.; James, Lee; Castro, Report Jun 1, 2019 5738
A New Quinone Based Fluorescent Probe for High Sensitive and Selective Detection of Biothiols and Its Application in Living Cell Imaging. Liu, Yanju; Li, Manman; Wong, Keith Man-Chung; Tong, Yan; Yang, Huaixia; Kong, Jinming Apr 30, 2019 5139
Musculoskeletal manifestations of alkaptonuria: A case report and literature review. Wu, Katherine; Bauer, Erin; Myung, Gihyun; Fang, Meika A. Clinical report Apr 23, 2019 3246
Thoughts at Large: Controversies in Clinical Nutrition and Functional Medicine Issue # 11 BLACK CUMIN SEED OIL: PASSING FAD OR AN IMPORTANT ADDITION TO THE FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE REPERTOIRE. Moss, Jeffrey Report Mar 1, 2019 1800
Effect of the Lipid Peroxidation Product 4-Hydroxynonenal on Neuroinflammation in Microglial Cells: Protective Role of Quercetin and Monochloropivaloylquercetin: Mikroglial Hucrelerde Lipid Peroksidasyon Urunu 4-Hidroksinonenalin Noroinflamasyon Uzerine Etkisi: Kersetin ve Monokloropivaloilkersetinin Koruyucu Rolu. Cumaoglu, Ahmet; Agkaya, Asli Ozge; Ozkul, Zehra Report Mar 1, 2019 4882
PQQ Reduces Brain Aging. Parker, Brian Report Jul 1, 2018 1993
Oxidized DJ-1 Levels in Urine Samples as a Putative Biomarker for Parkinson's Disease. Jang, Jihoon; Jeong, Soyeon; Lee, Sung Ik; Seol, Wongi; Seo, Hyemyung; Son, Ilhong; Ho, Dong Hwan Jan 1, 2018 4955
Design of Amperometric Biosensors for the Detection of Glucose Prepared by Immobilization of Glucose Oxidase on Conducting (Poly)Thiophene Films. Pilo, Maria; Farre, Roberta; Lachowicz, Joanna Izabela; Masolo, Elisabetta; Panzanelli, Angelo; Sann Jan 1, 2018 5627
Cytotoxicity of Air Pollutant 9,10-Phenanthrenequinone: Role of Reactive Oxygen Species and Redox Signaling. Yang, Manli; Ahmed, Hassan; Wu, Weidong; Jiang, Bijie; Jia, Zhenquan Jan 1, 2018 11185
Ingredients from Litsea garrettii as Potential Preventive Agents against Oxidative Insult and Inflammatory Response. Li, Yan-Ru; Li, Guo-Hui; Sun, Lin; Li, Lin; Liu, Yue; Kong, De-Gang; Wang, Shu- Qi; Ren, Dong-Mei; W Jan 1, 2018 8777
PQQ Prevents Bone Loss in Male Mice. (REPORT). Franklin, Stephen Dec 15, 2017 2142
PQQ Protects Against Fatty Liver. Brief article Nov 1, 2017 214
Electrochemical Behaviour of Tinidazole at 1,4-Benzoquinone Modified Carbon Paste Electrode and Its Direct Determination in Pharmaceutical Tablets and Urine by Differential Pulse Voltammetry. Nikodimos, Yosef; Hagos, Beyene Report Jan 1, 2017 5818
TBHQ Alleviated Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress-Apoptosis and Oxidative Stress by PERK-Nrf2 Crosstalk in Methamphetamine-Induced Chronic Pulmonary Toxicity. Wang, Yun; Gu, Yu-Han; Liu, Ming; Bai, Yang; Liang, Li-Ye; Wang, Huai-Liang Report Jan 1, 2017 6104
Tanshinone IIA Inhibits Glutamate-Induced Oxidative Toxicity through Prevention of Mitochondrial Dysfunction and Suppression of MAPK Activation in SH-SY5Y Human Neuroblastoma Cells. Li, Haifeng; Han, Wenjing; Wang, Hongyu; Ding, Fei; Xiao, Lingyun; Shi, Ruona; Ai, Liping; Huang, Ze Report Jan 1, 2017 8759
Rhinacanthin C Alleviates Amyloid-[beta] Fibrils' Toxicity on Neurons and Attenuates Neuroinflammation Triggered by LPS, Amyloid-[beta], and Interferon-[gamma] in Glial Cells. Chuang, Kai-An; Li, Ming-Han; Lin, Ni-Hsuan; Chang, Chih-Hsuan; Lu, I-Huang; Pan, I-Hong; Takahashi, Report Jan 1, 2017 11369
Proteome Changes of Human Bone Marrow Mesenchymal Stem Cells Induced by 1,4-Benzoquinone. Wu, Wei; Zhang, Ling; Zhang, Min; Zhu, Li-Jin; Xia, Hai-Ling; Lou, Jian-Lin; Liu, Jia-Ren; Xiao, Yun Report Jan 1, 2017 7406
Plumbagin Alleviates Capillarization of Hepatic Sinusoids In Vitro by Downregulating ET-1, VEGF, LN, and Type IV Collagen. Li, Guiyu; Peng, Yue; Zhao, Tiejian; Lin, Jiyong; Duan, Xuelin; Wei, Yanfei; Ma, Jing Report Jan 1, 2017 5823
Synthesis, Biological, and Computational Study of Naphthoquinone Derivatives Containing Heteroatoms. Bayrak, Nilufer; Yildirim, Hatice; Fatih, Amac; Kara, Emel Mataraci; Celik, Berna Ozbek; Gupta, Giri Report Dec 31, 2016 7636
Ativacao Eletroquimica em Eletrodos de Pasta de Carbono para Deteccao Simultanea de TBHQ e BHA. Alves, Thais Silva; de Arruda, Gilberto Jose Report Jul 1, 2016 3345
Effects of acetaminophen on oxidant and irritant respiratory tract responses to environmental tobacco smoke in female mice. Smith, Gregory J.; Cichocki, Joseph A.; Doughty, Bennett J.; Manautou, Jose E.; Jordt, Sven-Eric; Mo Report May 1, 2016 8727
Quantification of Cr(VI)-thymoquinone complex using cyclic voltammetry. Kishwar, Farah; Khan, Khalid Mohammed; Perween, Rubina; Anwar, Anila; Akhtar, Nasir Report May 1, 2016 4347
An Efficient Microwave Assisted Synthesis of Triphenodioxazines Using Chloranil as Oxidizing Agent. Ullah, Muhammad Najeeb; Munawar, Munawar Ali; Knight, David William; Khan, Misbahul Ain; Waheed, Amr Report Apr 30, 2016 4338
Inhibition of Glucose-6-Phosphate Dehydrogenase Could Enhance 1,4-Benzoquinone-Induced Oxidative Damage in K562 Cells. Zhang, Juan; Cao, Meng; Yang, Wenwen; Sun, Fengmei; Xu, Cheng; Yin, Lihong; Pu, Yuepu Jan 1, 2016 5555
Modulatory Effect of 2-(4-Hydroxyphenyl)amino-1,4-naphthoquinone on Endothelial Vasodilation in Rat Aorta. Palacios, Javier; Cifuentes, Fredi; Valderrama, Jaime A.; Benites, Julio; Rios, David; Gonzalez, Con Jan 1, 2016 7953
Phytochemical analysis and modulation in aminoglycosides antibiotics activity by Lantana camara L./Analise fitoqufmica e modulacao sobre a atividade antibiotica de aminoglicosfdeos por Lantana camara L. de Sousa, Erlanio Oliveira; Rodrigues, Fabiola Fernandez Galvao; Campos, Adriana Rolim; da Costa, Jo Apr 1, 2015 3719
The synergistic effect of thymoquinone and epigallocatechin-3-gallate on the functional capacity of Caov-3 ovarian cancer like cell line. Harpole, Jennifer L.; Tucci, Michelle; Benghuzzi, Hamed Report Apr 1, 2015 1917
Spectroscopic Characterizations of Semiquinone Anion Radical Formation and Autosensitized Photooxidation for Elsinochrome A. Report Feb 28, 2015 3090
Embelin (2,5-dihydroxy-3-undecyl-p-benzoquinone): a bioactive molecule isolated from Embelia ribes as an effective photodynamic therapeutic candidate against tumor in vivo. Joy, Beena; Kumar, S. Nishanth; Soumya, M.S.; Radhika, A.R.; Vibin, M.; Abraham, Annie Report Sep 25, 2014 4127
Kinetics and Mechanism of Reduction of Iron(III) Kojic Acid Complex by Hydroquinone and L-Cysteine. Report Aug 31, 2014 2502
The effects of thymoquinone and green tea extract on LDL modification in human aortic endothelial cells. Tardy, Felicia M.; Benghuzzi, Hamed; Tucci, Michelle Report Apr 1, 2014 1530
Morphological effects of genistein, thymoquinone, 5-FU, and laser therapy on laryngeal carcinoma cells. Adah, Osasu; Wilson, Gerri; Adah, Felix; Tucci, Michelle; Benghuzzi, Hamed Report Apr 1, 2014 2207
Morphological changes to LNCaP cells subjected to treatment with epigallocatechin-3-gallate, thymoquinone, and tannic acid. Moore, La'Toya Richards; Benghuzzi, Hamed; Tucci, Michelle; Hamadain, Elgenaid Report Apr 1, 2014 1522
Anti-fibrotic effect of thymoquinone on hepatic stellate cells. Ghazwani, Mohammed; Zhang, Yifei; Gao, Xiang; Fan, Jie; Li, Jiang; Li, Song Report Feb 15, 2014 4471
Battery blueprint promises storage of renewable energy. Mole, Beth Brief article Feb 8, 2014 165
Degradation of anthraquinone dye reactive blue 4 in pyrite ash catalyzed Fenton reaction. Becelic-Tomin, Milena; Dalmacija, Bozo; Rajic, Ljiljana; Tomasevic, Dragana; Kerkez, Djurdja; Watson Report Jan 1, 2014 5760
Pharmacological profile of quinoxalinone. Ramli, Youssef; Moussaif, Ahmed; Karrouchi, Khalid; Essassi, El Mokhtar Report Jan 1, 2014 8168
Inhibition of nuclear Nox4 activity by plumbagin: effect on proliferative capacity in human amniotic stem cells. Guida, Marianna; Maraldi, Tullia; Resca, Elisa; Beretti, Francesca; Zavatti, Manuela; Bertoni, Laura Report Jan 1, 2014 6467
Tanshinone IIA downregulates HMGB1 and TLR4 expression in a spinal nerve ligation model of neuropathic pain. Ma, Yu-Qing; Chen, Yi-Rong; Leng, Yu-Fang; Wu, Zhi-Wei Clinical report Jan 1, 2014 4076
Cyclic voltammetric investigation of caffeine at anthraquinone modified carbon paste electrode. Tadesse, Yemane; Tadese, Abraha; Saini, R.C.; Pal, Rishi Report Jan 1, 2014 4082
Antibacterial activity of murrayaquinone a and 6-methoxy-3,7-dimethyl-2,3-dihydro-1H-carbazole-1,4(9H)-dione. Chakraborty, Biswanath; Chakraborty, Suchandra; Saha, Chandan Report Jan 1, 2014 3471
Design and synthesis of novel isoxazole tethered quinone-amino acid hybrids. Kumar, P. Ravi; Behera, Manoranjan; Sambaiah, M.; Kandula, Venu; Payili, Nagaraju; Shree, A. Jaya; Y Report Jan 1, 2014 11863
Synergistic enhancement of antitumor effect of [beta]-Lapachone by photodynamic induction of quinone oxidoreductase (NQ01). Lamberti, Maria Julia; Vittar, Natalia Belen Rumie; de Carvalho da Silva, Fernando; Ferreira, Vitor Report Aug 15, 2013 5422
Three-step strategy to reverse mitochondrial aging. Downey, Michael Report Aug 1, 2013 4065
Pyrroloquinoline quinone stimulates mitochondrial biogenesis through cAMP response element binding protein phosphorylation and increased PGC 1alpha expression. Brief article Aug 1, 2013 230
Potential physiological importance of pyrroloquinoline quinone. Brief article Aug 1, 2013 180
Identification of transcriptional networks responding to pyrroloquinoline quinone dietary supplementation and their influence on thioredoxin expression, and the JAK/STAT and MAPK pathways. Brief article Aug 1, 2013 269
Antiangiogenetic effects of anthranoids from Alternaria sp., an endophytic fungus in a Thai medicinal plant Erythrina variegata. Pompeng, Phunlap; Sommit, Damrong; Sriubolmas, Nongluksna; Ngamrojanavanich, Nattaya; Matsubara, Kim Report Jul 15, 2013 3552
Kinetic Studies on Hydrogen Bonding in Quinone Anion Radical and the Dianion of Tetramethyl-1,4-Benzoquinone. Mohammad, Mahboob; Rauf, Saba; Rauf, Asma; Naz, Lubna Report Jun 30, 2013 918
Sea creatures found intact in Midwest. Jun 1, 2013 418
MicroRNA expression in response to controlled exposure to diesel exhaust: attenuation by the antioxidant N-acetylcysteine in a randomized crossover study. Yamamoto, Masatsugu; Singh, Amrit; Sava, Francesco; Pui, Mandy; Tebbutt, Scott J.; Carlsten, Christo Report Jun 1, 2013 6227
Cyclic voltammetric studies of thymoquinone with Iron (III). Kishwar, Farah; Qamar-ul-Haq Report May 1, 2013 5759
Enzyme kinetic and molecular docking studies for the inhibitions of miltirone on major human cytochrome P450 isozymes. Zhou, Xuelin; Wang, Yan; Hu, Tao; Or, Penelope M.Y.; Wong, John; Kwan, Yiu Wa; Wan, David C.C.; Hoi, Report Feb 15, 2013 5052
Powerful Protection Against Cellular Aging. Downey, Michael Report Oct 1, 2012 3546
2-Hydroxy-5-methoxy-3-methyl-[1,4]-benzoquinone and 5-Hydroxy-4-methoxy-6-methyl-7-oxa-bicyclo[4,1,0]hept-3-en-2-one. From the fungus Xylaria badia. Oppong, E.K.; Edwards, R.L.; Maitland, D.J.; Whalley, A.J.S. May 1, 2012 2299
Biofactors in food promote health by enhancing mitochondrial function. Shenoy, Sonia F.; Chowanadisai, Winyoo; Sharman, Edward; Keen, Carl L.; Liu, Jiankang; Rucker, Rober Report Jul 1, 2011 5563
Our aging mitochondria. Faloon, William Report Feb 1, 2011 4532
PQQ. Report Feb 1, 2011 2091
Structure and curing mechanism of resol phenol-formaldehyde prepolymer resins/ Resoolsete fenoolformaldehuudvaikude analuus. Christjanson, Peep; Pehk, Tonis; Paju, Jane Report Sep 1, 2010 5474
Analysis of the structure of the bacterial community in the livestock manure-based composting process. Sasaki, Hiraku; Nonaka, Jun; Otawa, Kenichi; Kitazume, Osamu; Asano, Ryoki; Sasaki, Takako; Nakai, Y Report Jan 1, 2009 3623
Catechol quinones of estrogens in the initiation of breast, prostate, and other human cancers: keynote lecture. Clinical report Nov 1, 2008 341
Benzobijuglone, a novel cytotoxic compound from Juglans mandshurica, induced apoptosis in HeLa cervical cancer cells. Li, Zhi-Bo; Wang, Jing-Yun; Jiang, Bo; Zhang, Xiu-Li; An, Li-Jia; Bao, Yong-Ming Report Dec 1, 2007 3804
REGIONAL DIGEST. Nov 3, 2007 768
Antimicrobial properties of Lawsonia inermis (henna): a review. Habbal, O.A.; Al-Jabri, A.A.; El-Hag, A.G. Sep 22, 2007 6971
Effect of thymoquinone and Nigella sativa seeds oil on lipid peroxidation level during global cerebral ischemia-reperfusion injury in rat hippocampus. Hosseinzadeh, Hossein; Parvardeh, Siavash; Asl, Marjan Nassiri; Sadeghnia, Hamid R.; Ziaee, Toktam Sep 1, 2007 4407
Analgesic and anti-inflammatory activities of a fraction rich in oncocalyxone A isolated from Auxemma oncocalyx. Ferreira, M.A.D.; Nunes, Osmar D.R.H.; Fontenele, Juvenia B.; Pessoa, Otilia D.L.; Lemos, Telma L.G. Apr 1, 2004 6072
A Kinetic and spectroscopic investigation of Amphitrite ornata dehaloperoxidase. (South Carolina Academy of Sciences Abstracts). Osborne, Robert L.; Dawson, John H. Brief Article Jan 1, 2003 168
Coupled-column liquid chromatographic analysis of catecholamines, serotonin, and metabolites in human urine. Panholzer, Torsten J.; Beyer, Jurgen; Lichtwald, Klaus Feb 1, 1999 4554

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