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Quinn Pacific and the Supply Chain Alliance Join the "LCD TV Association" and It's Support of Green TVs and a Greener Supply Chain.

SAN ANTONIO -- The LCD TV Association, a global, not-for-profit marketing trade association chartered to inform, promote, improve and connect the entire LCD TV supply chain, today announced that Quinn Pacific, a company which helps high tech firms create value via technology transfer and IP related efforts, and the Supply Chain Alliance (SCA), a professional services provider throughout a product's entire life cycle , have joined the LCD TV Association to help provide even better products and strengthen the LCD TV supply chain globally.

"Quinn Pacific is excited to become a part of the LCD TV Association, an organization dedicated to helping its members, the industry and even society as a whole through promoting better and more efficient LCD TVs globally," noted Ian Watson, CEO of Quinn Pacific

Mark Hanson, the SCA's CEO, also added, "SCA is excited today to become an official member and supporter of the LCD TV Association. It is clear that the LCD TV Association is well positioned to provide both its members and the industry with the leadership, professional guidance and support needed to both improve the customer experience and lower total cost of service."

"As we continue to navigate through this current, but temporary, challenging economy and progress through the U.S. digital TV transition by June 2009 with other countries to follow, it becomes even more important for the LCD TV industry and supply chain to join forces to advance the industry as a whole and provide the best possible value proposition for consumers. We are pleased to welcome these new members to help us support this effort, as well as the further greening of the products and supply chain of the entire LCD TV ecosystem," noted Bruce Berkoff, Chairman of the LCD TV Association.

The LCD TV Association also is pleased to announce continued interest and acceptance of its GreenTV logo program in general support for more earth friendly TVs (visit for more detailed information). The LCD TV Association's GreenTV logo program was launched last year in an effort to help focus LCD TV manufacturers and brands on reducing the power consumption of LCD TVs and raising consumer awareness of this important issue. The program currently aims to work with major TV vendors to implement and promote ambient light sensors, which will automatically lower the set brightness in a dark room by decreasing power to the backlight--thus saving energy and actually reducing potential eyestrain as well. This can reduce power consumption by at least 30%, and as much as 60%, in current implementations. Participants in the program are awarded the right to use the Association's unique GreenTV logo on products, packaging and advertising materials to help consumers identify these specifically enabled and wonderfully featured sets.

In the future, this program will not only work to increase energy efficiency further, but help reduce the carbon footprint of LCD TV sets (via smaller designs & shipping boxes and thus better logistics costs), as well as make them more recyclable and ecologically friendly from the start (less heavy metals, etc.)--leveraging the best, innovative technologies from companies like Corning and Merck KGaA, (both 2009 SID Display of the Year Award recipients), as well as utilizing more LEDs for lighting, and other "earth" saving technologies. Learn more about the Green TV logo program at

During DisplaySearch's SID Business Conference on Monday, June 1, the LCD TV Association will also participate in an engaging discussion on the "TV Roundtable: Chasing the Biggest Market" to discuss competitive display technologies, and which current leading display technology will remain very competitive for many years to come. For more information visit

For more information on the LCD TV Association, it's membership, or to join, please visit us on the web at www.LCDTVAssociation.Org or email us at

About the LCD TV Association: The LCD TV Association is a global, non-for-profit marketing trade association, formed to help the entire LCD supply chain and retail channel through to the end consumer via various communication tools, including speeches, interviews, sponsored research, as well as industry newsletters, meetings and standards settings--resulting in information distribution. Participating at the many industry trade and consumer shows around the world to help promote members' interests, as well as creates better LCD TVs for everyone. We encourage and engage in discussions to promote the industry overall, as well as helping foster healthy competition and create better products with higher value propositions for consumers and retailers alike. The LCD TV Association can help fight the growing "specsmanship" in trade publications and refocus conversations on true image quality and understanding for consumers, and help the whole LCD TV ecosystem to improve and thrive. For more information on the LCD TV Association, it's membership, or to join, please visit us on the web at www.LCDTVAssociation.Org.

The LCD TV Association's "Sustaining Member" companies currently include Amtran, Corning, DisplaySearch, Dolby Laboratories, the Flex Tech Alliance, Fusion Optix, Global Lighting Technologies, LG Display, LG Electronics, LG Innotek, Luminus, Merck KGaA, NOVA Chemicals, Quinn Pacific, RallyPoint, Retrovo, Supply Chain Alliance, Unipixel, Veritas et Visus, Vizio and Westinghouse Digital Electronics.

About Quinn Pacific

Quinn Pacific has been helping high tech firms through technology transfer and IP related work since 1989. Visit them at

About the Supply Chain Alliance

Supply Chain Alliance (SCA) provides customized business process improvement solutions to the world's leading technology companies. SCA, founded in 1998, is a professional services provider focused exclusively on aiding retailers and manufacturers of consumer electronics to meet their shared goal of providing consumers with a high quality and predictable product repair experience throughout a product's entire life cycle. The critical objectives of our clients are to reduce the total cost their ' post sale ' supply chains, create a competitive advantage and comply with the rapidly evolving government regulations worldwide (eWaste, tariffs on used product, Basel Convention, WEEE, CA SB50, +). For more information visit
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Date:Jun 1, 2009
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