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Quinn Confides In Ridge Over Katie's Continued Threats On 'The Bold And The Beautiful'.

She was scared she was going to be killed after Katie pointed a gun in her face when she broke the news she had been fired from Forrester. Now, Quinn will confide in Ridge that her fears are only growing as Katie continues to spiral more and more out of control on the Wednesday, June 7 episode of "The Bold and the Beautiful."

After Quinn (Rena Sofer) broke the news to Katie (Heather Tom) that Eric (John McCook) wanted to fire her because she wasn't cutting it as a designer on the CBS soap, Katie freaked out. She accused Quinn of trying to fire her because she was keeping the secret about Quinn's affair with Ridge (Thorsten Kaye). Things got physical, and Katie pulled a gun on Quinn. It wasn't loaded and the threat was quickly neutralized, but the tension was evident. Now, Quinn will admit to Ridge that she's afraid to return to work because she can't be guaranteed that Katie will stay away and not pose a threat to her, and she will warn Ridge that they need to keep themselves apart in order to keep her at bay in the future.

"We can't keep putting ourselves in these dangerous situations," she says in a preview clip.

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However, when Katie returned home, which is right next to the home Quinn, Ridge and Eric all live in, she looked through her telescope and saw a moment where Ridge and Quinn were alone together. In her rage, she believed the two were still sneaking around behind Eric's back, and screeched about how they were betraying everyone.

Now, Katie will call Ivy (Ashleigh Brewer) as she vents about her anger and the fact that she can't stand Quinn always getting away with the things she does. However, when Ivy questions if Katie is going to tell Eric about the affair, Katie will assure she isn't, though she may decide to think of a new way to get revenge on Quinn.

"Do you think that I want to tell Eric? Do you think I want to hurt him like that?" She asks. "No, but Quinn is dangerous, she's always been dangerous, and I can't just stand by and do nothing."

When Ivy presses her for details about what she might do though, Katie won't go into detail, simply claiming that she's going to find a way to put an end to everything Quinn has done.

"She needs to be stopped, once and for all," she says.

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Katie's scheme could consist of anything. While she could go after Quinn directly, she may also decide to go another route, by doing something to the people Quinn loves, in a way similar to how she sees Quinn as being hurtful to Eric.

"The Bold and the Beautiful" airs weekdays at 1:30 p.m. EDT on CBS.

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Date:Jun 7, 2017
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